Paul Giamatti- Paul Giamatti is the latest character actor ready to fly out to Thailand to be a part of 'The Hangover Part II,' which will begin filming (with all of the original's core cast returning) in a matter of weeks.

- David Hare (screenwriter behind 'The Reader' and 'The Hours') will write and direct 'Page 8,' a spy thriller featuring Rachel Weisz, Michael Gambon, Bill Nighy, Judy Davis and Ralph Fiennes. Plot details are sparse, but The Playlist tells us Weisz will be the main character, a "beguiling woman of mystery."

- Fox 2000 has purchased film rights to 'Pure,' a new trilogy of books from Julianna Baggot about a post-apocalyptic world where people are divided into two classes (those who survived untouched and those who didn't). All of this occurred before 'Pure' has even found an actual publisher.

- And speaking of yet-to-be-released books getting high profile movie deals, Brad Thor's 'The Athena Project,' about a female-only counter terrorism unit, has been picked up by Warner Bros for producers Bill Gerber and Casey Wasserman. [via /Film]

- If you're a big 'Flash Gordon' fan, then you should appreciate this YouTube video that showcases the differences between the version of the film preserved on DVD/Blu-ray and the one that aired on HBO in the '80s. [Via Reddit]

- Yesterday, Pierre Morel ('Taken') gave a presentation to Universal trying to convince the studio that he was the best director to helm their 'Ouija' board movie. Sylvain White ('The Losers') has also made a similar pitch to the studio.

- Philip Noyce is in talks to direct 'Timeless,' a film from screenwriter Bill Kelly ('Enchanted') about a man who uses his recently deceased wife's fortune to build a time machine so he can talk to her one last time.

- Two rumors from earlier in the week have now been debunked: Zac Efron is not the star of the Hughes Brother's 'Akira' and Mandate Pictures does not have a new script for an American remake of 'Old Boy.' [via AICN]

- David Tennant will take one of the lead roles in 'United' for BBC Films. Based on a true story, the ex-Doctor Who will be playing Jimmy Murphy, the coach of a famed English soccer team that had eight of its players die in a plane crash.

- 'Bitter Feast,' a quite clever thriller about a chef who kidnaps an online food critic and forces him to try to cook the meals he so harshly criticizes, has set a DVD/VOD date of January 4, 2011. Read our review of the film here.
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