There are too many noteworthy moments in too many trailers for the average mortal to keep track of them all. That's why we have the Weekly Trailer Awards, spotlighting the very best in 150-second film advertising! Grab your popcorn and bourbon and enjoy!

Best Use of Subtle Humor: 'Little Fockers' (in theaters Dec. 22). This is the third film in the series, but 'Little Fockers' admirably avoids drawing attention to its central joke, which is that the main character's last name is "Focker." Do you get it? Because "Focker" is very, very close to "f***er," which is a swear word that we don't say here. "Focker," though, that's fine. Focker, focker, focker, focker, focker. No asterisks necessary. They say it a lot in the trailer, too, wedging it into illogical phrases like "the godfocker" and "give me a focker sandwich." Focker, focker, focker. No doubt the film will be rated PG-13, and it opens at Christmas, fun for the whole family, etc. Also, if you pay very close attention to the trailer, you might notice a clever and subversive gag wherein Ben Stiller injects a needle into Robert De Niro's erect penis in front of a child. Meanwhile, Woody Allen's latest is rated R because it says the actual F-word twice. The MPAA is a bunch of fockers.

Fastest Change of Opinion: 'Hall Pass' (in theaters Feb. 25). Guys, you know how sometimes you're married to an attractive and loving woman, but you wish you could have indiscriminate sex with other ladies, and so your wife gives you permission to do whatever you want for a week with no consequences? We've all been there, and it always works out great. 'Hall Pass' made our head hurt until we saw it was written and directed by the Farrelly brothers. Now we're thinking there's a chance it won't be terrible. Who knew the Farrellys had the opposite effect of Shyamalan?

Most Terrifying Use of a Giant-Mouthed Animal: the lion in 'Zookeeper' (in theaters July 8). You thought we were going to make a joke about the "giant-mouthed animal" being Kevin James instead of the lion, didn't you? That's offensive. In all seriousness, we're glad someone is finally addressing the important issue of wise-cracking animals who frighten their human masters.

Best Use of Adam Sandler's Groin: being hit with a sturdy little boy's head in 'Just Go With It'
(in theaters Feb. 11). Guys, you know how sometimes you pretend to be married in order to have one-night stands with women who are turned on by adultery, but then you meet a woman you want to date seriously but she won't because she thinks you're married, and so you get your platonic friend to pretend to be your ex-wife in order to fool the girl you like into thinking you're newly divorced so that your entire relationship can built on a foundation of lies and deception? And then a little boy smashes his head into your crotch? Adam Sandler reenacts this timeless story.

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