During the Muppets heyday, anyone who was anyone guested on the show and films -- including Madeline Kahn, Bob Hope, Carol Burnett, Johnny Cash, Joan Rivers and even the great Orson Welles. As we learned last week, Jason Segel's 'Muppets' movie is looking to hold up that tradition, populating the cast and cameo list with a ton of recognizable names.

The rumored possibilities listed all manner of current bigwigs -- Jane Lynch, Jack Black, Zach Galifianakis, and even Lady Gaga. Now the first batch of official cameos has been released, and it's packed with more than some of those once-rumored names. There are also a few surprises, like Billy Crystal, who hasn't been in a live action film since 2002's 'Analyze That.' (We're not counting any uncredited blips in 'Tooth Fairy' ... and can only hope that this leads to more live-action work!)
The Hollywood Reporter posts that the cameo list is kicking off with the previously rumored names -- Jack Black and Zach Galifianakis -- plus these guys: Billy Crystal, Alan Arkin and ... believe it or not ... Jean-Claude Van Damme. This should only be the beginning, as Segel's movie will have him helping the Muppets reunite to put on a show and save a movie studio. With the cinematic angle, one can only assume that there will be Hollywood cameos up the wazoo.

One that won't be making an appearance at this time, however -- despite last week's rumors -- is 'Glee' star Jane Lynch. Over the weekend she revealed that she hasn't been asked to appear in the comedy. But that might change, as Jane says: "I would do it if they asked me."

Can the Muscle from Brussels hold his own against Miss Piggy? Is there a star you'd love to see sign in? Offer up your choices in the comments.
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