The headline, courtesy of WHDH, speaks for itself, really.

Families at Showcase Cinemas in Revere, Massachusetts were expecting to see 'Megamind,' a colorful, animated superhero adventure presented in eye-popping 3D. Instead, they got the first few minutes of 'Saw 3D,' a bloody, gruesome horror movie presented in 3D so that you can literally see eyes popping. It remains uncertain whether or not the traumatized children and their shocked parents began to flee after the footless man cauterized his leg stump with a burning steam pipe or after the woman got lowered into the buzz saw.

If you're a parent, the appropriate response should be something resembling outrage: "How can they do this to our children? They're going to have nightmares for years! This irresponsibility is going to be the death of America! America I say!"

If you're not a parent, the appropriate response should be: "Hahahahahahahahaha!"
In a day and age where films are being projected digitally, it's a careless but not uncommon mistake, especially when most projection booths are manned by apathetic teenagers who have to sprint upstairs between customers at the snack bar to hit a button to start the movie. Capable projectionists, like decent ushers, are a nearly extinct breed at your local multiplex.

The last time an accidental movie switcheroo made the news was in 2007, when an audience preparing for the family fantasy 'The Last Mimzy' were treated to 'The Hills Have Eyes 2,' which literally opens with a brutalized rape victim giving graphic birth to a stillborn mutant baby before being bludgeoned to death by a hulking hillbilly monster.

Once again: "Oh the humanity!" and/or "Hahaha!"

Naturally, the problem was sorted out and 'Megamind' played and everyone got a free movie ticket. So while the kids will be having nightmares of torture for the next couple of years (one parent claims their child no longer wants to go to the movies), at least they'll get to see the next 'Narnia' movie for free.
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