Since Thanksgiving doesn't get much cinematic love, most of the holiday's films are quite earnest. These movies dive into the worlds of food and family -- from the first-Thanksgiving jitters of 'Pieces of April' to ethnic celebrations with 'What's Cooking' -- wondering what we should give thanks for, and how we can come together and become a familial unit no matter what the scenario.

But what if the familial foibles extend far greater than years-old misunderstandings? What if the holiday festivities are plagued with Kennedy Family obsessions, mental disorders, hormones and inappropriate sibling love? In a sea of straight-forward Thanksgiving affairs, the darkly comedic world of 'The House of Yes' shines it's bright, cultish light.
The House of Yes
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While we cannot offer an embeddable trailer, here's one of the film's best scenes.

Mark Waters helmed this affair, adapted to the screen from Wendy MadLeod's play. He went on to direct 'Mean Girls' and 'Ghosts of Girlfriends Past.'

Main Players
The main players in this film are the only players. The cast list is consists of Parker Posey, Josh Hamilton, Freddie Prinze Jr., Tori Spelling and Genevieve Bujold. There is also a brief intro and exit with Rachael Leigh Cook and the voice of David Love.

Jackie (Posey) is rabidly obsessed about two things -- Jackie Kennedy and her brother, Marty (Hamilton). After time away from the family, Marty is returning for the holiday ... but he's brought a surprise -- his fiance, a simple girl named Lesly (Spelling). The outsider confuses the already strained Thanksgiving reunion as Mother (Bujold) tries to keep a cynically watchful eye as Jackie's threatened by Lesly and focused on the past, while younger brother Anthony (Prinze Jr.) is lusting after the new girl himself. Class barriers and dark, hidden pasts emerge over candles and liebfraumilch as a hurricane descends.


-The title came from scribblings on a bathroom stall: "We are living in a house of yes."

-The film won Parker Posey recognition at Sundance, but co-star Tori Spelling earned herself a Razzie nomination, though many would probably attest that this is her best role.

- Cult classics run in in the Waters family. The director's brother, Daniel Waters, wrote 'Heathers' -- our first Movie Club pick.

- Our Jenni Miller picked this as one of Posey's best roles.