The Ten CommandmentsIs it possible to remake the Bible? Cecil B. DeMille fashioned his own version of 'The Ten Commandments' in 1956, featuring Charlton Heston as Moses, rejecting the advances of a princess and parting the Red Sea. Heston wasn't the last actor to portray Moses on screen, but he set the standard by which all others are judged. Two new films starring Moses are now in the works, according to Vulture, which breaks down the credits of the screenwriters involved, ranging from 'Heroes' to 'The Green Lantern' to 'Moby Dick' to 'Marco Polo.' When dueling projects such as this arise, very often only one survives, so we'll have to wait and see whose vision moves forward. Still, the big question is: Who could play Moses?

Heston was 32 years old when he played the part, so his modern counterpart could, theoretically, be in that same age range, though it depends on the story. In the Bible, Moses spends many years in the wilderness before emerging as an old man to deliver the Israelites out of Egyptian slavery. Whoever is chosen, it will have to be someone who is believable as a devout spiritual man -- and looks good in sandals. We have five actors in mind.
Russell CroweRussell Crowe
Yes, he's on our mind because of his intense starring role in 'The Next Three Days,' which opens today, but he'd be a good choice because of his worldwide name recognition and because he's already displayed his great ease at wearing sandals in 'Gladiator.' He has a powerful voice, which could be used to great effect in leading his people through the Red Sea. ("Hurry up, mates, the Egyptians are gaining on us.")

Jake Gyllenhaal
He, too, has sandal experience, in 'Prince of Persia: Sands of Time,' a movie which chiefly showed he could act against special effects, possibly an asset if the producers opt for CGI plagues. He may look young, but he's about to turn 30 and playing Moses could give him the opportunity to demonstrate his hidden gravitas. (You can some of his other hidden assets in 'Love and Other Drugs,' which opens next week.)

Val Kilmer
He already has experience playing Moses, voicing the character in the animated film 'The Prince of Egypt' and also in live performance in 'The Ten Commandments: The Musical.'

Harrison FordHarrison Ford
If the producers decide to cast an older actor, Ford is our pick. Lately he's been playing crusty, crotchety characters in movies like 'Morning Glory' and 'Extraordinary Measures,' so it would be a treat to see him demanding that Pharoah let his people go. And, as Anne Thompson recently commented, "He brings masculine strength and gravitas to roles as commanders, presidents and a man with a gun."

Mel Gibson
Currently out of favor in Hollywood and with the public, Gibson could make a smashing return and demonstrate that he really doesn't hate Jewish people.

OK, we're just kidding with that last pick. Who do you think could play Moses?
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