SPOILER ALERT ...sort of?

With "RIP Dobby" trending today on Twitter, fans of 'Harry Potter' are a bit divided -- those who've read the books know that the pint-sized house elf dies in the first installment of 'Deathly Hallows.'
But what about those Potterheads who just watch the movies? If you didn't get to a midnight showing last night, you're out of luck for keeping spoiler-free. In fact, what are you doing reading this? Get off the Internet!

This raises the debate: Should fans of a franchise read the books before watching the films?

Some people say that it's not a spoiler if it's for a book that came out over three years ago, but others cry foul! They want to be just as saddened by Dobby's passing, without having to wade through hundreds of pages to do so.

What say you, Potter fans? Is saying "RIP Dobby" a spoiler or not?

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