One of the first things we learn as children is that if you believe in something, it can happen. Even though you probably didn't get that pony you wished for way back when, who's to say that you're a nutjob for thinking it still might come galloping into your life? Some fantasies prove that your faith and dedication to something is strong enough to move mountains. Other times, those ideas turn into delusions and only the men in white coats can save you.

Crazy or not, filmmakers and screenwriters love these characters because we identify with them and always want to root for the underdog. The true believer in cinema faces incredible odds and obstacles -- making their vindication all the more gratifying when it finally comes.

The holidays are a season for believing -- a time when dreams can and do come true, not matter how long the odds. In celebration of this special season, we've selected 13 films that highlight the power of belief. Sure, some of these characters have a few loose screws, but each of them teaches us something about keeping the faith and holding on to our dreams. Judge for yourself after the jump. [spoilers ahead]
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