We recently launched a search for the #1 fans of monster franchises 'Harry Potter' and 'Twilight.'. In order to be considered, hopeful devotees had to submit a short video proving their unique fandom. And as expected, Potterheads and Twihards came out in full force to support their wizards and vampires, respectively.

The internet was abuzz with excitement over the contest, and some websites even called out specific videos, like that of user AnitaLautner, whose willingness to take a bullet for the 'Twilight' cast garnered an explosive response; and that of user HarryPotterHimself, whose impressive collection has driven his video to an astounding 905K views (and counting) since his submission. (See all submissions here and here)

There were so many great entries, but we knew that, ultimately, there could only be a single winner for each contest. So, to determine the biggest and baddest of the bunch, we turned to experts, the fellow fans, to decide on who truly deserved the top title.

By voting and commenting, the groups let their voices be heard, and now, the search is officially over. So did AnitaLautner or HarryPotterHimself take the fan crown for their respective movie obsessions?

Scroll down to see who was deemed the #1 supporter of each beloved franchise, and while you're at it, watch their winning submissions.
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