Director Neill Blomkamp isn't finished with the world of science fiction.

He exploded onto the scene with his aliens-in-the-slums feature, 'District 9,' a flick that earned critical respect, fan love and an impressive four Oscar nominations including Best Picture. Since his newbie explosion, his name has been running wild through the rumor mill, with it being linked to everything from music video possibilities to sequels, prequels and Hobbits. Though word has it that his next film will be a sci-fi romp called 'Elysium,' another strange project has come forth.

It's not on television, nor the screen, but rather iPad versions of WiReD Magazine (Issue 18.12, to be exact).
/Film reports that nestled in the electronic pages of the issue, before their 'Tron: Legacy' cover story, is a short video credited with: "Video By: Neill Blomkamp." The blip, which you can see below, has two dudes driving down the street when all of a sudden they happen upon a strange looking pig thing laying in a puddle on the side of the road. Exercising no caution, they investigate the creature (under the tongue) and all, while noticing that the alien swine has a stamp that reads: "18.12 AGM Heartland Pat Pend USA."

Turns out "AGM Heartland" has been trademarked by Sable Productions Ltd, labeled as: "entertainment services by way of an online website with video, audio and textual content and images featuring characters and storylines about a fictional genetic engineering company that produces genetically engineered and altered organisms."

I can only assume that they're getting ready to bag that baby up and ship him to Martin Picard for some meaty meals in video #2, but in the meantime, check it out for yourself below and offer up suggestions as to what you think this is.

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