Peter Jackson3D movies are here to stay, at least until audiences grow tired of paying a premium to wear glasses in the dark. Does that mean everyone loves 3D, including the filmmakers themselves? Not necessarily. Christopher Nolan, for one, has expressed his reservations, and so 'The Dark Knight Rises' will not be in 3D. But he's in the minority, with everyone from Steven Spielberg to Martin Scorsese to Peter Jackson praising the possibilities of 3D. Last year, Jackson talked about his desire to convert the 'Lord of the Rings' trilogy into 3D and said that he wanted both installments of 'The Hobbit' to be in 3D.

With Jackson back in the director's chair after Guillermo Del Toro's departure, it's no surprise to hear an official announcement that 'The Hobbit' will, in fact, be released in 3D. Word comes via Engadget (and a press release) that Jackson will be using 30 RED EPIC cameras to recreate Middle Earth in three dimensions for the big screen. Is that a good or bad choice?

On the plus side, the film(s) will be shot in 3D, so they should look significantly better than post-conversion botch jobs like 'Alice in Wonderland' and 'Clash of the Titans.'

On the negative side, Jackson has never been one to exercise visual restraint, which could make watching 'The Hobbit' in 3D an endurance test for your eyes, especially if it's anywhere near the length of just one of the 'Lord of the Rings' installments, or 'King Kong.' It's one thing to sit through 90 minutes of an animated comedy; it's quite another to concentrate for three hours or so while your eyes are being assaulted, a la 'Avatar.' As wondrous as that or any other 3D picture has looked, aren't you happy to fling off those glasses at the end of the movie? And then there's the whole question of staring at Middle Earth in 3D. Not to sound too much like a Luddite, but doesn't it simply feel wrong?

Enough editorializing; what are your thoughts? Is 'The Hobbit' in 3D a good idea or a bad one? Does it make you more enthusiastic or less?
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