Okay, so the headline is a slight fib. Awesome though it may be, David Lynch isn't gearing up to live-DJ parties, even if that would be the best thing since sliced bread (especially if he had help from pal Angelo Badalamenti). However, Lynch is making music, pushing you one step closer to a Lynchian house party if you piled the countertops high with black coffee and cherry pie, and threw red, velvet curtains over the windows.

As one of the many professional hats Lynch has put on since leaving the Hollywood system, he's moved from music facilitator and writer to performer and has released two songs on iTunes (after a pre-release on Sunday Best) before they gear up for the physical music shelves on January 31, 2011.
The two songs, available for 99 cents a piece, are called "Good Day Today" and "I Know." The former is what Wired calls a "trendy Daft Punk, but with added saccharine." It's all beatboxy with a few Lynchian kicks like a gun shot that rings out. Lynch fans will be more pleased, however, with the B-Side, "I Know." It's a shrieky, slower cousin to "The Pink Room" from 'Fire Walk With Me,' with the usual Badalamenti swagger to it. This should come as no surprise, considering how involved Lynch has always been with the creation of music for his films.

One has to wonder if this could bring back the magic of 'Industrial Symphony,' or an update with Lynch performing alongside the lovely Julee Cruise on stage. Or, could we dare to hope a new film about a traveling band plagued by scary things that go bump in the night on lost highways with red curtains? Creative diversions are nice, but we need more Lynchian fare.

Check out the songs below and prepare yourselves for January 31, when the releases hit CD and deluxe vinyl.

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