It was a lazy afternoon late in the 2010 Toronto Film Festival, and I was scanning the program intent on finding something worth watching (and hopefully reviewing). My good friend Drew McWeeny of suggested a rather sobering proposition: that we take in a film about a couple mourning the death of their child. (Yikes.) We almost chose a different movie. But given that this film starred Nicole Kidman (and Aaron Eckhart and Dianne Wiest), that it came from director John Cameron Mitchell, and that it was 91 minutes long (which sometimes really does matter at a film festival) -- in we went.

And, as my review from last September can attest, I pretty much fell crazy in love with 'Rabbit Hole.' Now as the film gears up for a limited (but highly anticipated) release on December 17, we can offer an exclusive look at the brand-new poster right below the jump...

Lionsgate (wisely) picked up the film a short time after TIFF, the film went on to earn high praise at several other film festivals, a release date was set for December 17, a trailer was released .... and, well, we hope you like the new poster. (Lionsgate is well-known for crafting clever one-sheets, but generally not for films like 'Rabbit Hole.') Suffice to say you'll be hearing a lot more about this film as the awards races heat up.

(I've never been much of an Oscar prognosticator, but if 'Rabbit Hole' doesn't earn Ms. Kidman an Oscar nomination -- she just landed a Best Actress Indie Spirit Award nod this morning -- I'll eat my hat. And I own several distasteful hats. Ditto the screenplay by David Lindsay-Abaire: guaranteed lock for an "adapted" nomination.)

Ultimately, though, awards don't interest us all that much. Sincerely good movies do, and I'll gladly restate the opinion that 'Rabbit Hole' is a very special movie indeed. (For more on the film, check out the official site and/or the film's Facebook page.) Our thanks to Lionsgate for asking us to present the poster.

Rabbit Hole
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A man and his wife struggle to come to terms with the accidental death of their 4-year-old son. Read More