Just because 'Burlesque' didn't do too well at the weekend box office doesn't mean other studios are running scared from the movie musical. It's been over a year now since 'Hairspray' director Adam Shankman signed on to direct and choreograph the film version of the popular Broadway show, 'Rock of Ages,' but since then all we've got are a few stories claiming a particular actor is in talks to star in the film. First there was Seth Rogen, then Taylor Swift followed by Tom Cruise and now, according to Variety, we have our latest potential 'Rock of Ages' cast member, Mary J. Blige.

For those of you who've yet to see the musical, it takes place in Hollywood in the 1980s and follows Sherri, a small-town girl who moves to the city in hopes of becoming an acting star. She goes to work at The Bourbon Room where she strikes up a relationship with Drew, the busboy. Meanwhile, a pair of German city developers are initiating a plan to create a cleaner lifestyle in the area and that means sex, drugs and rock-n-roll are out and so is The Bourbon Room.

Sound familiar? If you did catch 'Burlesque' over the holiday weekend, it should. Both stories focus on a small town girl trying to become a star while the workplace they wind up at is on its way to closure. Of course, this isn't just the case with 'Rock of Ages' and 'Burlesque' as these concepts have been used and abused one too many times over the years and that could be this adaptation's major downfall; the story is relatively weak.
What is particularly fun about 'Rock of Ages' is the atmosphere in the Brooks Atkinson Theater when the show begins. It's not your standard Broadway show during which you're forced to remain respectfully in your seats save for a round of applause after the musical numbers. Not only are you encouraged to sing and dance at 'Rock of Ages,' but you're able to order drinks to your seat during the show. Recreating this atmosphere in a movie theater is going to be undoubtedly difficult for Shankman, and if he fails to do so, we could end up with yet another musical about a familiar story.

As for Blige's involvement, having never seen Tyler Perry's 'I Can Do bad All By Myself,' it's impossible to judge her ability on the big screen, however Cinematical writer, Jette Kernion did point out in her review that her musical number in the film is quite enjoyable. Regardless of whether or not you've seen her sole feature film performance, what can be considered is Blige's style of music. Blige is a hip-hop and R&B singer. 'Rock of Ages' is a rock-n-roll show. Clearly there's a bit of a rift here, so it'll be interesting to see what Shankman does with her should she sign on. We're guessing Blige will join the production as Justice, the strip club owner that gives Sherri a job after she's forced to leave The Bourbon Club. Blige could really do the show's rendition of 'Harden My Heart/Shadows of the Night' justice as it could call for a hint of Blige's flair.

As far as those Tom Cruise rumors go, Vulture claims he's now interested in playing over-the-top rocker Stacee Jaxx. We're not sure Cruise could pull it off, but considering how great he was as an over-the-top sex guru in Magnolia, we'd love to see him throw on a long blone wig and give this Dee Snyder-esque character a spin. Also regarding Bourbon Room owner Dennis Dupree -- the role Cruise was originally linked to -- rumors have it that Will Ferrell was offered the role. No word on whether he's accepted yet.
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