For the last few years, we've wondered when and if Lindsay Lohan could pull herself out of her tabloid-ridden downward spiral. She sobers up and spins out of control over and over again, with ill-fated trips overseas, friends who powder her shoes in "baby powder" and a neverending deluge of court appearances. But could the answer to her comeback have been staring us all in the face all this time? Could the answer be dancing?

In the wake of losing her starring role in 'Inferno,' the saucy Linda Lovelace biography, new reports claim that should she continue on the right track at Betty Ford, Lohan could become a contestant on the next season of 'Dancing with the Stars.'
According to a Radar Online source, the show has been eyeing her as a possible contestant:

"'Dancing with the Stars' producers have had Lindsay on their wish list of castmates for a very long time. The producers were concerned about her erratic behavior, but they are taking another look at asking her to come on for the next season because she is doing so well at her sober living facility. The producers are aware that she would be available because she isn't going to be filming 'Inferno.'"

And it's not just a wish to pull in the audience that follows Lohan's struggling life: "That girl can dance. Lindsay is wicked talented."

Her talent hasn't been in question as her career tanked. We all know that buried beneath the addiction haze is a girl who had a lot of talent and jumped into the showbiz life before she was emotionally ready to handle it. One has to wonder if this same plan of jumping back into work as soon as she's out of rehab will be any different than before. The source thinks so: "Lindsay won't be making any decisions about what she chooses for her next project without consulting first with her treatment team. ...Lindsay has taken that step herself, which is a very, very positive sign."

Should she be taking some time to stay sober in the real world before she jumps back into Hollywood? Or, is 'Dancing with Stars' the perfect way to tackle some of her mounting debt and finally get on the straight and narrow?

And, all her drama aside, is she on your 'Dancing' cast wish list?
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