-- Noah Baumbauch is set to reteam with 'Greenberg' star Ben Stiller on his next project, 'While We're Young,' about an "uptight documentarian" (Stiller) and his wife who add spice to their relationship with the help of a younger couple. '127 Hours' hunk James Franco is on board to play-one half of the younger couple, while offers have reportedly been made to Greta Gerwig and Cate Blanchett for the two female roles. [Vulture]

-- Director Derek Cianfrance recently spoke to the Hollywood Reporter about the MPAA's decision to slap his film, 'Blue Valentine,' with an NC-17 rating. "We are still fighting it and hoping it can be changed to an 'R,'" he said of the ruling, which is currently being challenged by the film's distributor, The Weinstein Co. "Bottom line is we are not changing the movie out of respect. The movie is this movie ... it has no harm in it. It is about loving, intimacy, care and emotions. It is the intangibles of emotion and intimacy you don't see that got us the rating. If you take those out, that's the heart of the movie." As for when a decision will be made, he said, "I hope soon. It is such a mysterious organization the MPAA. I don't know who they are." [THR]
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