There's only one even moderately wide release this week, the action flick 'The Warrior's Way,' but the real action is at the arthouse, where several much-buzzed-about Oscar hopefuls (Natalie Portman! Jim Carrey! Ryan Gosling!) will jockey for your attention.

New and Noteworthy: 'The Warrior's Way'

Starring: Jang Dong-gun, Geoffrey Rush, Kate Bosworth, Danny Huston, Tony Cox
Directed by: Sngmoo Lee
What's It About? In this hybrid Western/martial arts fantasy, Korean actor Jang plays an assassin hiding out in a small town in the Badlands after he refuses an assignment to kill an infant girl.
Why Should You See It? Genre blends can be fun and unpredictable. First-time director Lee gets support from a group of strong vets, including Oscar-winner Rush and frequent movie heavy Huston. The visuals look striking. And it's the only new wide release of the week, not to mention the only new action pic.
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