A long time ago, a little film named 'Interview with the Vampire' started brewing. A pre-mega star Brad Pitt would play the tortured vampire Louis, a new little girl -- Kirsten Dunst -- would play the tragic Claudia, and Tom Cruise -- of all people -- would play the vampire Lestat. Creator Anne Rice was none too pleased with that latter piece of casting. She took out an advertisement to complain, calling the casting "bizarre", while noting that Cruise "is no more my Vampire Lestat than Edward G. Robinson is Rhett Butler."

But when Rice saw Cruise transform, the complaints melted away and the praise descended. For a year now, deep in the 'Twilight' craze, rumors have bubbled that the film would be remade. But this time, she's waiting to see what Hollywood comes up with for Lestat, and is happy with the rumor that it will be Robert Downey Jr. -- even if he is over double the age the blonde vampire was when he was turned. p>
had a long chat with Rice, and when it came time to talk 'Interview with the Vampire,' Rice had her own casting ideas, but was open to the idea of Downey Jr.

"That would be wonderful. He is a great actor. He would bring the gravitas and the wit and humor and all of that to the part, and I don't think he's too old. I think if he had a blond wig and makeup, he would be a wonderful Lestat. Lestat has to have the gravitas of a 200-year-old man and Robert Downey Jr. can do it. He can do anything. He's just incredible. That would be wonderful. But I don't know whether he's really interested and I don't know if that will work out. I hope so. I hope the rumors are true."

Any fan of the series would note that at the age of 45, RDJ is some 25 years older than Lestat was when he was changed. Rice, however, isn't worried: "but a great actor like that -- again, Lestat is 200 years old. He wasn't a boy when he became a vampire. A 19-year-old is a man in the eighteenth century, he's not a boy. So physical appearance is just one aspect of this. There's gotta be depth."

Still, 25-year age difference could be problematic. Is an older Lestat the same as the changed-at-seventeen Armand being played by a thirty-four-year-old Antonio Banderas?

If you want other options, Rice has 'em. Since the time for Rutger Hauer and Julian Sands has passed, she likes overseas actors like Jamie Bamber ('Battlestar Gallactica'), Ioan Gruffud ('Fantastic Four'), Benedict Cumberbatch (BBC's Sherlock), Richard Armitage ('The Hobbit') and Simon Woods ('Pride & Prejudice'). Rice is still floating around Matt Bomer ('Chuck') for the role of Louis, and wants a more appropriately aged Max Records ('Where the Wild Things Are') to play Armand, and Matthew McFadyen ('Robin Hood') to play Marius.

Thinking logistically, it'd be a surprising twist if they cast Lestat with an older actor. The only reason a remake is being considered is because of the success of 'Twilight,' so wouldn't it make sense to have an age appropriate actor who could potentially steal sparkly Edward's spotlight?

A remake might seem too soon, but would you be open to it if it led to 'The Vampire Lestat' and -- one can only hope -- a 'Queen of the Damned' that wipes away that wretched first film?
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