Movie trailers have become a medium unto themselves. Sometimes we're more excited for the trailer to a movie than the actual movie itself (and, indeed, sometimes the trailer ends up being better than the movie). There's a true artistry to the movie trailer, a tightrope act that can come crashing down if it isn't exactly right -- a really good trailer's got to entice and enthrall you to the point where you want more, but it pulls the plug at the last second.

Here are the ten best movie trailers 2010, the ones that got us really excited for the movie -- and for the trailer itself!
10. 'Blue Valentine'
Let's watch a young couple fall in love and then completely destroy each other! It takes a really great trailer to make you feel that way, and the 'Blue Valentine' trailer does the job -- and then some. Intercutting emotionally devastating imagery over a cutesy serenade by Ryan Gosling to Michelle Williams is a stroke of genius. Sure, it may be a depressing movie, but after watching this trailer, we'll be there in theaters on Dec. 29, and we'll love it.

9. 'Machete'
There have been about a thousand 'Machete' trailers. Hell, it even started out as just a trailer. There were even fake trailers of the fake trailer. For the record, 'Machete' became a reality, a real feature-length movie, and the Red Band trailer, introduced by Robert Rodriguez himself, is the real deal. Probably. Anyway, it rocks.

8. 'Catfish'
A terrific example of how a trailer can throw you for a loop with a sudden 90-degree turn into completely different territory, the first look at 'Catfish' really has you going at first, making you believe that you're in for some cheesy documentary about Internet dating. And then they pull into the driveway of a farm in Michigan in the middle of the night ...

7. 'Sucker Punch'
Zack Snyder loves his toys, and we love it when Zack Snyder plays with those toys. 'Sucker Punch' looks downright insane -- an everything-but-the-kitchen-sink kind of movie that some directors make when they're in a mid-life crisis. Whatever the reason is that Zack made this, we're glad he did it. 10 points for the use of Led Zeppelin's 'When the Levee Breaks.'

6. 'Inception'
It's the trailer that spawned a hundred spin-offs, thanks to its startling imagery of cities folding in on themselves, Leo once again freaking out all over the place and the thundering DUNNNN!!! of Hans Zimmer's score. It's also from "The Director of 'The Dark Knight.'" Gee, should we see it?

5. 'Winnie the Pooh'
Disney is doing a new 'Winnie the Pooh' movie! We'd be there whether there was a trailer or not. But there is a trailer, and it assures you that this is the Pooh you knew and loved while growing up. There's no fancy ultra-modern animation techniques, no embracing of hip irony in the dialogue. Just a Silly Bear and his friends. Yes.

4. 'Cowboys & Aliens'
Han Solo/Indiana Jones and James Bond fighting aliens in the Old West! And it's from the guy who directed 'Iron Man'! And Bond has this weird thing on his wrist that shoots laser beams! And there's alien ships hovering over the local saloon! And we have to wait until July to see the whole thing?!

3. 'True Grit'
We really love Old Jeff Bridges. Young Jeff Bridges was great in 'Tron' and 'Starman' and all that, but there's something about Old Jeff Bridges that's quite wonderful, whether he's scowling and scheming in 'Iron Man' or vomiting all over himself in 'Crazy Heart.' And we especially love Jeff Bridges -- at any age -- with the Coen Brothers. Backed by a cover of Johnny Cash's 'God's Gonna Cut You Down,' this teaser-trailer effectively blended music, Roger Deakins' beautiful cinematography and, of course, good ol' Jeff Bridges.

2. 'Black Swan'
Darren Aronofsky is back in a dark and weird mode after proving he could do a good character melodrama with 'The Wrestler,' and his return to more 'Requiem For a Dream' kind of territory is very much welcome. Watching Natalie Portman slide into madness whilst Mila Kunis slinks about has us wanting the full-length version, pronto.

1. 'The Social Network'
David Fincher is doing a Facebook movie? Yeah, and it ended up pretty damn great. And the trailer made the tale of boy wonder Mark Zuckerberg look bleak, bizarre and crazy emotional, making us realize that we were in for quite an impressive piece of cinema and not just ... well, "a Facebook movie." Arguably the most quoted trailer of the year ("Thousand ... twenty-two thousand!"), it packed an extra emotional punch thanks to the clever use of Radiohead's 'Creep,' as performed by Scala & Kolacny Brothers.

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