After offering up the piece of awesome that is 'Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs,' co-writer/directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller are taking Hollywood by storm. They were given the reins to Jonah Hill's '21 Jump Street' re-do, and then one of the children's game movies that could potentially be a lot of fun -- LEGO.

And now they might pluck a struggling project with potential out of development hell, which has been four years in the non-making -- 'Bob: The Musical.' Have no fear, this isn't a super-kiddie extravaganza focusing on Bob the Builder. It's a musical about a normal, musicals-hating guy who finds himself in one, a la Joss Whedon's 'Once More with Feeling.'
The Hollywood Reporter posts that Lord and Miller are currently in negotiations with Disney to both develop and direct 'Bob: The Musical,' if they can work around the 'Jump Street' production, tentatively scheduled to start this coming spring.

The film follows a guy who suffers a blow to the head, which gives him the power to hear "the inner songs of everyone's hearts as his reality is instantly turned into a musical, much to his dismay." Marc Shaiman is writing the music and lyrics.

While only the basics can be gleaned from the plot blips, a little more can be discerned from the myriad of names who have tried to help sculpt the story over the last handful of years. When the project started bubbling in 2006, indie scribe John August ('Go,' 'Big Fish') was penning a rewrite and Mark Waters had signed on to direct. Yes, he's the guy from 'Freaky Friday' and 'Ghosts of Girlfriends Past,' but he's also the man behind 'House of Yes' and 'Mean Girls.' The potential snark meter was high, to be dampened a little with mainstream flash-master Adam Shankman ('Hairspray') and balanced by Mike Binder ('The Upside of Anger'). Notable eighties scribes Babaloo Mandel and Lowell Ganz ('Spies Like Us,' 'Parenthood') even took a stab at the script.

Now with Lord and Miller, Disney's got the mainstream fame with a healthy dose of solid writing and indie mentality. (Though it must be noted that they're planning to bring on another scribe to re-write the script.) These are also the guys behind 'Clone High,' so let's hope there's a little "Makeover" fervor in this flick.

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