In a move that seems like it was lifted straight out of an episode of 'The Simpsons,' an Oregon man has legally changed his name to Captain Awesome. The name change wasn't in homage to lovable oaf Homer's brief stint as Max Power (a name so great it vaulted him into Springfield's power elite), but was instead inspired by the television show 'Chuck.' That show features a character named Devon "Captain Awesome" Woodcomb.

Australian news site reports that Douglas Allen Smith Jr. , an unemployed cabinet maker, appeared before an Oregon judge to make it official last month. After verifying that Smith was 100% serious about the name change (and really, could anyone who wanted to be known as Captain Awesome be anything less than totally committed?), the judge approved Smith's new moniker.

Life hasn't been entirely, well, awesome since the court date, though. Captain Awesome also got approval to make his new signature an arrow pointing right, a smiley face, and an arrow pointing left. Awesome's bank, however, won't accept the new signature because it's too easy to forge. So it appears that Captain Awesome will have to sign his name like the rest of us when he cashes his unemployment check.

Awesome's new name got us thinking – if we were going to change our name to something amazing and movie inspired, what would it be? Hit the handy "read more" button for a few of our choices.
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