Remember when movie theaters and mom-and-pop video stores were your only source for movie night fodder? To say the times have changed is a monumental understatement. Now the vast sea of information that is the internet has become saturated with various options and outlets that promise you movies instantly...often for a nominal fee. But who has time to scour all these providers in order to make an informed decision about what to watch?

Luckily there are those among us who are obsessed with keeping an up-to-the-minute record of what's available, what's new, and where to find it within the stratosphere of instant watch options. This new feature, while serving as damning evidence of the author's sadly absent social life, will provide a comprehensive weekly report of the newest movies to be added to a variety of different venues. When you want to watch it now, we can help you find it in an instant!

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'Batman Forever'--In Joel Schumacher's first entry into the caped crusader franchise, Batman (Val Kilmer) must battle both Two-Face (Tommy Lee Jones) and The Riddler (Jim Carrey) while breaking in new partner Robin (Chris O'Donnell).

'The Bourne Identity'--Super spy Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) suffers amnesia after a mission-gone-wrong and must piece together who he is in order to determine who wants him dead.

'Rumble in the Bronx'--While visiting his uncle in The Big Apple, a Chinese martial artist (Jackie Chan) must contend with both street gangs and the mob.

'Showdown in Little Tokyo'--Thrown together hotshot cops Chris Kenner (Dolph Lundgren) and Johnny Murata (Brandon Lee) must combine their martial arts skills to take down a rising Yakuza faction setting up shop in L.A.

'Supercop'--Hong Kong's best detective (Jackie Chan) must team up with a Red China Interpol agent (Michele Yeoh) to take down a drug kingpin.

'Top Gun'--Two rambunctious young Navy pilots (Tom Cruise & Anthony Edwards) are sent to the most elite fighter pilot school in the country.

'Volcano'--When a long-dormant volcano erupts right beneath the streets of L.A., it's up to one geologist (Anne Heche) and the director of the city's emergency services (Tommy Lee Jones) to curb the tide of destruction before the City of Angels is reduced to ash.


'About a Boy'--A narcissistic, immature man (Hugh Grant) living off the residuals of his father's success has his world turned upside-down when a young boy (Nicholas Hoult) enters his life and teaches him to grow up.

'The Bounty Hunter'--A professional bounty hunter's (Gerard Butler) newest assignment happens to be his ex-wife (Jennifer Aniston).

'Death to Smoochy'
--A disgraced former children's television star (Robin Williams) swears revenge on the shmatlzy, naive singing Rhino (Edward Norton) that took his time slot.

'Harry and the Hendersons'--An ordinary family welcomes an extraordinary addition to their family in the form of a Sasquatch.

'Police Academy'--The very worst of the up-and-coming police officer class try to make the most of their abysmal training process, much to the chagrin of their hard-nosed instructors.

'Undercover Brother'--Black super spy Undercover Brother (Eddie Griffin) must stop an evil entity known as The Man from ruining an African-American politician's (Billy Dee Williams) bid for the presidency.


'The Beach'--A young man (Leonardo DiCaprio) traveling in Thailand learns of a paradise-like beach that, in reality, harbors many dark secrets.

'Falling Down'--A man (Michael Douglas) pushed to the edge by the injustices of society, and one really bad day, goes on a rampage in a misguided effort to restore reason to an unreasonable world.

'Hamburger Hill'--During the Vietnam War, a group of 14 U.S. soldiers try to take control of a Vietcong-controlled hill with devastating, bloody results.

'The Hit'--An informant against the English mob (Terence Stamp) is abducted from his comfortable hiding spot in Spain by two hitmen (Tim Roth & John Hurt) who then transport him to the place where he will be killed.

'The Killing Fields'--Set against the horrific civil war and genocide in Cambodia, one journalist (Sam Waterston) must put himself in harm's way to get the victims' story told.

'The Man in the Iron Mask'--The estranged Three Musketeers and their comrade D'Artagnan must join forces once again to stop the evil King Louis (Leonardo DiCaprio) who seizes control while keeping his more just twin brother Philipe (DiCaprio again) imprisoned.

'Murder By Numbers'--An unconventional, but unstoppable detective (Sandra Bullock) works to solve a bizarre murder that leads her to believe two high school students (Ryan Gosling & Michael Pitt) may be the culprits.

'Poetic Justice'--A young woman (Janet Jackson) seeks solace in poetry after her boyfriend is murdered on the streets of L.A.

'Rain Man'--After the death of his father, a yuppie (Tom Cruise) is astounded to find out that not only does he have an autistic brother (Dustin Hoffman) he never knew of, but that his father left everything to that same brother.

'Rocky II-V'--In this series, American cinema's most beloved underdog takes on a variety of opponents ranging from Apollo Creed (Carl Weathers) to Ivan Drago (Dolph Lundgren) to his own protegee (Tommy Morrison).


'Attack of the 50ft Woman'--After an encounter with extraterrestrials in the desert, a mistreated housewife grows to gargantuan proportions and unleashes her frustrations on her entire town in this campy sci-fi classic.

'Friday the 13th Parts I-VIII'--The 'Friday the 13th' series tracks the exploits of Jason Voorhees (or his mother in the first installment) as he hacks and slashes his way through a host of hapless campers who inexplicably keep showing up at Camp Crystal Lake.

'Outbreak'--In the face of the greatest biological disaster in American history, one scientist (Dustin Hoffman) must do everything he can to stem the outbreak of a deadly disease before the only option remaining is to wipe California off the map entirely.

'The Shining'--A struggling writer (Jack Nicholson) accepts a job as the caretaker at a secluded hotel during its off season. But soon the isolation and the hotel's ominous history begin to warp his mind and turn him into a psychotic monster.


'Bones: Season 5'
'Keeping Up with the Kardashians: Sesons 1-3'
'Saturday Night Live: Seasons 13-20'
'Undercover Boss: Season 1'

Author's Sleeper Pick:

'Centurion'--British director Neil Marshall ('Descent', 'Dog Soldiers') directs this bloody but powerfully entertaining epic about a 2nd Century Roman legion in Britain who are decimated by a surprise attack. The few remaining survivors, now stranded in hostile territory, set out to avenge their comrades and destroy the enemies of Rome.

Cable Video-on-Demand Service (Simply access the VOD menu from your cable box to select from these titles)

'The Last Air-Bender'--Based on the popular animated series, this M. Night Shyamalan-helmed adaptation tells the story of an Avatar named Aang who, as the last of his brave people, must stop the Fire Nation from conquering the nations of Water, Earth, and Air.

'The Twilight Saga: Eclipse'--In the third installment of the saga, Bella (Kristen Stewart) is forced to choose between vampire Edward (Robert Pattinson) and werewolf Jacob (Taylor Lautner) in the wake of a series of unexplained murders in Seattle.

Independent Film Channel Picks (Check your cable provider for IFC availability):

'The Protector'--On the eve of presenting a pair of prized elephants to the King of Thailand, a young martial arts expert (Tony Jaa) and his father are shocked to discover that the beloved creatures were stolen by an international mafia syndicate, and now the determined fighter must travel to Australia to get his animals back in this adventure from the team behind the international action hit 'Ong Bak'.--Jason Buchanan, Rovi

'Pan's Labyrinth'--From the director of 'Hellboy' comes a fantasy epic of magic and enchantment set against the Spanish Civil War as a young girl discovers she may be the princess of an underground kingdom.

Redbox New Releases as of 12/07 (Look for Redbox kiosks at your local grocery store or McDonald's restaurant. The films can be rented overnight for just $1)

'Shrek Forever After'
--After challenging an evil dragon, rescuing a beautiful princess and saving your in-laws' kingdom, what's an ogre to do? Well, if you're Shrek, you suddenly wind up a domesticated family man.

'Charlie St. Cloud'--A young man (Zac Efron) forms a unique connection to the afterlife after surviving the tragic car accident that claimed his younger brother.--Jason Buchanan, Rovi

'Scott Pilgrim vs. the World'--Based on Bryan Lee O'Malley's Oni Press comic book of the same name, 'Scott Pilgrim vs. the World' follows the eponymous slacker rocker (Michael Cera) on his colorful quest to defeat his dream girl's seven evil ex-boyfriends.--Jason Buchanan, Rovi

'Ramona and Beezus'--Adapted from Beverly Cleary's perennially popular book series, Ramona and Beezus stars newcomer Joey King as Ramona Quimby, a grade-schooler with a big imagination.--Perry Seibert, Rovi
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