We've already seen 'TRON: Legacy', so trust us when we say that if there's one thing you'll take away from the film, it will be the frenzied desire to transport yourself to the world of TRON (minus, ya know, the whole forced-to-compete-in-life-or-death-games thing). Walt Disney knows this, and so they've gone and created an entire line of 'TRON: Legacy' gear -- from toy lightcycles to video games to sexy, workout-related women's short-shorts -- so no matter what freakish TRON addiction you have, there should be something there to satisfy.

And let's admit it: Movie merchandise isn't always that fascinating for people over the age of 11, so to see a film come out with some cool products for teens and adults is definitely a good thing. But what's actually worth buying, and what's best left for the box in your attic labeled, "Stuff I Bought That I Used Only Once Because I'm An Idiot"?

Head after the jump for the five pieces of 'TRON: Legacy' merch that we like the best.

1. Monster® TRON iPod Identity Disc Dock ($249.95 at Amazon)

Compatible with iPod Nano, iPod Touch (1-3rd gen), and iPhone (1, 3g, 3gs, 4), this iPod dock combines two of the film's coolest features (the identity discs and Daft Punk's score) into one delicious piece of bump-thumpin' awesomeness. And if your neighbors complain about the noise, just frisbee that sucker right at them.

2. 'Tron: Legacy' Soundtrack ($11.99 on Amazon; $9.99 on iTunes)

And speaking about that Daft Punk soundtrack, your inner '80s club-hopper will fall all over this thing. From the 'Dark Knight'-esque "Recognizer" to the glow-stick-ready "Derezzed", you should pick up this year's most talked-about movie soundtrack just so you can brag at the office holiday party: "Yeah, it's typical Daft. Track 11 has some issues, but the overall vibe is killer."

3. Tron Icon Men's New Era Hat ($29.99 at Hurley.com)

Disney is working with a few other retailers to create TRON-specific gear. Hurley has an entire line of clothing inspired by 'TRON: Legacy', but we specifically dig this hat that TRON-ifies the Hurley logo.

4. Oakley Limited Edition Tron 3D Glasses ($150 at Oakley.com)

Who wants to get stuck wearing the boring (and uncomfortable) re-usable 3D glasses they hand out at the theaters, with their germs and crusted buttery popcorn caked on from the 9-year-old mess who wore them before you? No thanks. Oakley kicked it up a notch by debuting a pair of limited edition 3D glasses that you can buy for 'TRON: Legacy' and then keep to impress dates at future 3D movie screenings with lines like, "Oh no, I won't need those glasses -- I've got my TRON Oakleys right here." (Note: This line only works if you pull the glasses out from your jacket pocket real slowly.)

5. 'Tron: Evolution' Collector's Edition ($128.88 at Amazon)

For gamers Disney helped develop the video game 'TRON: Evolution', which can be purchased as part of a collector's edition that comes with the game, a gift certificate worth the price of a movie ticket, a limited edition lightcycle from Sideshow Collectibles, and some sort of carrying case. Honestly, you had us at limited edition light cycle.


For those who want a more immersive Tron experience ...

1. There's elecTRONica at Disneyland in California.

2. Or you can stay at the 'TRON: Legacy' inspired room at Sweden's World Famous Ice Hotel.

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