As a follow up to this morning's news about the Critics' Choice Awards, we would just like to point out a hilarious little error the awards show's website made today on its voting page.

We've already said enough good things about 'Blue Valentine' and all the amazing reviews it's getting; by now people just want to see the damn thing -- especially to check out the much-talked-about performance of Michelle Williams. As in Michelle Williams the actress, Oscar-nominated star of 'Brokeback Mountain' among other critically-regarded performances. Not Michelle Williams, former member of Destiny's Child, now solo pop/gospel/Broadway star.

It is easy to confuse the two. If we were to write the phrase "Get me a photo of Michelle Williams from DC, stat!" -- would you think we were talking about Destiny's Child or 'Dawson's Creek'?

We're just having some harmless fun at the expense of the Critics' Choice website; the demand for online news means you don't have the luxury to triple-check every item before it must be published.

But we like to think that because the awards show is produced in conjuction with VH1, they probably had a giant folder of Destiny's Child images just sitting around from when they used to play music videos, and needed to unload them at some point. And since 'Blue Valentine' is a small indie, maybe they thought no one would notice.

So sorry fans of Destiny's Child-Michelle Williams, but 'Dawson's Creek'-Michelle Williams is the one who got the acting nomination. But the other Michelle will be fine; she's a survivor (groan-worthy pun intended).
Blue Valentine
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