The nominations for the 68th Annual Golden Globe Awards were announced this morning by Katie Holmes, Josh Duhamel and Blair Underwood, and there were many snubs (Justin Timberlake for 'The Social Network,' 'True Grit') and surprises ('Burlesque,' 'The Tourist').

As always, there is a mix of shock and joy amongst the nominees as they receive the "phone call" to let them know they're nominated. Quotes are starting to surface from Tinseltown as celebrities speak to the media.

Here's our roundup of some of the more memorable nominee reactions thus far. When you're done, check out a list of celebrity reactions you'll wish were real.
Michael Douglas, Best Supporting Actor for 'Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps': "To be selected with these extraordinary nominees is an honor, and boy was I ready for some good news!" (The Hollywood Reporter)

Geoffrey Rush, Best Supporting Actor for 'The King's Speech': "Playing an Australian commoner called upon to teach an reluctant English King some life lessons for me was fascinating in itself. To have it embraced by American audiences and to be so honored by the HFPA only endorses how global this story has become. Seeing a small scale project play into an international arena makes this all the more worthwhile. I'm very proud to be a part of this film and thrilled for my colleagues who were also nominated in such illustrious company." (The Hollywood Reporter)

Natalie Portman, Best Actress for 'Black Swan': "The audience appreciation of the film is only furthering how grateful and proud I am to be part of the film." (ETalk, via Twitter)

Julianne Moore, Best Actress for 'The Kids Are All Right': "I was busy putting towels in the dryer and didn't hear my phone ring...I am SO thrilled to be nominated!" (ETalk, via Twitter)

Annette Bening, Best Actress for 'The Kids Are All Right':
"Seeing our movie getting so much recognition makes me proud. And being nominated alongside Julianne Moore is the best!"

Stuart Blumberg, Best Screenplay for 'The Kids Are All Right':
"Thanks to the Hollywood Foreign Press Association for this tremendous honor. January 16th is going to be a wonderful night."

Paul Giamatti, Best Actor for 'Barney's Version': "Thank you to everyone at The HFPA. It's a great thrill to be honored for this performance. I believe Richard made a lovely movie, and I am really happy for the film to be recognized. I share this with Rosamund, Dustin and all the cast and crew, who were a joy to work with." (The Hollywood Reporter)

Nicole Kidman, Best Actress for 'Rabbit Hole': "It took more than four years to get our little movie off the ground, and to be recognized for my work in a film that means so much to me is truly such an honor. Thank you to the Hollywood Foreign Press for your continued support." (The Hollywood Reporter)

Anne Hathaway, Best Actress for 'Love and Other Drugs': "When the phone rang this morning it was my mom telling me I was nominated - I was thrilled!" (ETalk, via Twitter)

Jake Gyllenhaal, Best Actor for 'Love and Other Drugs':
"I feel like so much has been made about the nudity in this film. I think the wonderful irony about this is that I think people got carried away with that and the thing that makes the film so special and so important to me was the intimacy between the two characters and what Annie [Hathaway] and I share on screen and what we shared with [director] Ed Zwick while we were making it." (The Hollywood Reporter)

Ryan Gosling, Best Actor for 'Blue Valentine': I am very grateful to the HFPA. I also would like to thank them for acknowledging Michelle Williams for her incredible performance. Without the 12 years of director Derek Cianfrance's unwavering vision and commitment none of this would have been possible. I share this nomination with both of them." (Awards Daily)

Michelle Williams, Best Actress for 'Blue Valentine': "This nomination is an honor and I am thrilled to share it with my friend, my co-conspirator, and my favorite dance partner, Ryan Gosling. Thank you so much to The Hollywood Foreign Press, The Weinstein Company and of course to the inestimable Derek Cianfrance, whose vision led and sustained us all." (The Hollywood Reporter)

Colin Firth, Best Actor for 'The King's Speech': "I'm truly grateful to be recognized by the Hollywood Foreign press for this film, and euphoric to be in the company of so many of my colleagues." (Awards Daily)

Mark Wahlberg, Best Actor for 'The Fighter':
"My 11-month old [Grace Margaret] had just gotten back to sleep at about 3 a.m., so we're a bit tired and I've been under the weather, but I couldn't go back to sleep if I tried." (The Hollywood Reporter)

Amy Adams, Best Supporting Actress for 'The Fighter':
"What an exciting morning for our film, especially when you consider what a terrific year it was for movies. Thank you Hollywood Foreign Press Association for this honor and also for recognizing Mark, Melissa, Christian and David's great work. I am deeply proud of the film and to be honored for it is icing on the cake."

David O. Russell, Best Director for 'The Fighter':
"This film's been a fighter from the start to finish, from the true story of Micky Ward's struggle to find himself and become a champion, to Mark Wahlberg's struggle to get this movie made, to the scrappy way we made the film in 33 days, to the actors who took on the roles with a ferocity that is not to be matched."

Halle Berry, Best Actress for 'Frankie and Alice':
"My morning is extra fantastic! A month ago this movie was on the shelf and I wasn't so sure it was going to see the light of day. Now this good news has come and it means we have a greater chance of opening wide in the new year." (The Hollywood Reporter)

Jennifer Lawrence, Best Actress for 'Winter's Bone':
"Umm...gosh...I don't even...Just to be in the same sentence as those actresses, I don't even know how to describe how amazing that feels."
On how she found out:
"My brother just texted and said 'Congrats, you got nominated for something, when are you gonna be home for Christmas?' And I went, 'Are you telling me I just got nominated for a Golden Globe?!' and he goes, 'No, I was just asking when you were coming home for Christmas.' He still doesn't know what a Golden Globe is, right now." (The Hollywood Reporter)