Being a horror fan can be a blessing or a curse when it comes to buying and receiving gifts. On the one hand, shopping seems easy since many horror film fiends still play with or collect toys, have a wicked sense of humor and nothing really offends them (unless, for example, you buy a gorehound a 'Twilight' t-shirt). On the other, you run the risk of boring them to tears with the dreaded generic spooky gift that can be found in any mall across the country (think of anthologies which feature the same 5+ authors, or worse, anything from Hot Topic). With the holiday season creeping up quickly, many people are scrambling to get their gift on, so here are a few ideas that should help you along on your horrifying shopping experience.
For the 'Alien' enthusiast:

The 'Alien Anthology' Blu-ray set has been getting excellent reviews, particularly from our own Scott Weinberg. Ask him about it on twitter and feast your eyes on the limited edition "Egg Package," which is due out soon. Buy me!

For the nerd who is feeling zombified:

Matt Busch is the brainchild behind Hollywood is Dead where he re-imagines some of cinema's most treasured gems and zombifies them. Buy me!

For the gory someone who thinks that one is the loneliest number:

If your special someone has a penchant for mad scientists in jack boots and horrifying human experiments, then the "Human Santapede" tree ornament will make the perfect gift. Lipstattoo wants the magic of Tom Six's 'Human Centipede' to live on forever, so she also has a necklace version of the same design -- minus the jaunty Santa hats. Buy me!

For the 'Psycho' enthusiast:

Alfred Hitchcock's 'Psycho' celebrated its 50th anniversary earlier this year, and what better time than now to release a Blu-ray of the horror classic?Picture and sound are said to be top notch with a few gems amongst the extras.Buy me!

For the person who wears their horror-loving heart on their sleeve:

Vintage, zippered, quote-tastic, girly ... Fright Rags has all of your horror tee needs covered. These guys love bold designs and and big colors -- offering a wide variety of genre favorites from 'Monster Squad' and 'May,' to 'Let the Right One In' and 'It.' There's also a signed (by scream queen Linnea Quigley) and numbered, limited edition print of 'Silent Night Deadly Night' to add to your shopping cart. Buy me!

For the wannabe blood spatter analyst who leads a double life:

Showtime's black vinyl 'Dexter' apron -- à la Leatherface -- means you can bake in it, shower in it, change the oil in your car in it and more. Buy me!

For the zombie fan who knows that the Italians do it better:

KitKong's Model Mansionclearly have taste, because they're offering this badass model kit straight out of the Godfather of Gore's zombie favorite. Lucio Fulci's 'Zombi' is an Italian horror classic, and this resin sculpture (available painted and unpainted) is guaranteed to outshine all the gifts that grandma gives. Other available models like Vampirella and the 'Silent Hill' nurses are worth your perusal. Buy me!

For those responsible for the decline of western civilization:

Punk, new wave weirdos, 80's cult legends and everything in between. Alamo Drafthouse's Zack Carlson and Vulcan Video's Bryan Connolly have a shared insanity for punk rock cinema. 'Destroy All Movies!!! The Complete Guide to Punks on Film' isn't just for horror fans, but every horror fan should own a copy. Buy me!

For the videovore who worships at the altar of analog:

VHS is alive and well at Lunchmeat Magazine headquarters where rare and out-of-print tapes are revered and reviewed. The zine features original cartoons, related articles and more about cinema's esoteric, underappreciated and bizarre. While Lunchmeat dishes up a healthy serving of horror, they pay homage to other films as well. Buy me!

For the 'Exorcist' enthusiast:

See pea soup and that creepy spider/crab walk in all its Blu-ray glory! You get the original theatrical cut and the extended director's cut from 2000. Buy me!

For the camper who goes into the woods alone:

Sideshow Collectibles' goodies are for the serious horror fan and this Jason Voorhees statue is guaranteed to impress. The hand-painted and highly detailed figure (check out the carnage scattered at Jason's feet) is no shabby design and worth the price tag for rabid 'Friday the 13th' fans. Buy me!

For the Criterion enthusiast:

Our friends over at Criterion are always releasing movies that belong on any cinephile's wishlist, but this year they've brought along a trio of special treats designed to appeal to horror fans.

The new Blu-ray of David Cronenberg's 'Videodrome' features insightful interviews with the cast and crew, the complete 'Samurai Dreams' footage and nifty Betamax packaging. Buy me!

Pick up the Blu of Nobuhiko Obayashi's 'House' for Japanese weirdsies. Criterion did an excellent job with this cult favorite that will leave even the most seasoned horror fan asking, "What the hell did I just watch?"Buy me!

The visual/aural sharpness and clarity of the 'Antichrist' Blu-ray is the perfect compliment to Lars von Trier's startling and disturbingly detailed film. Buy me!

For the deadites:

Artist Olly Moss loves black and red, and does 'The Evil Dead' red right for Mondo Tees. 'Troll 2' shirts and other Austin favorites abound. Buy me!

For the extra thirsty brainiac:

While the dead rule the earth, your loved one can be swilling beverages (if they can find them ... ) in a large-and-in-charge, etched 'Walking Dead' stein. If the zombies have gotten to them already, then at least they'll have a place to store extra brains when they get the munchies. Buy me!

For the gothic horror fiend who knows it's Hammer time, all the time:

Marcus Hearn is a Hammer Films connoisseur and has written several books on the legendary studio. His latest is a real beauty -- 'The Art of Hammer Films,' which comes courtesy of Titan Books. If your horror honey prefers Christopher Lee over Edward Cullen, then this hardbound book of Hammer posters will win you points for sure. Buy me!

For the friend who still believes there are monsters in the closet:

Joshua Hoffine is in the nightmare-making business and his horror-centric photographs are like a snapshot from your favorite horror flick -- playing on all of our greatest fears. Clowns, escaped lunatics, the devil himself ... it's all there, lurking. Buy me!

For the dark-minded darling who wants an experience beyond limits:

Dark Mind Design offers apparel, prints, jewelry and fragrances for those who aren't afraid to open the box. Need further proof? Try this original, signed and numbered 'Hellraiser' inspired art print. If meat on a hook isn't their thing, then perhaps a Cthulhu necklace with pearls or a Lycan tee will make their black heart swell with holiday cheer. Buy me!

For the Lovecraft fanatic who respects his elders:

Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn. Walk with the Great Old Ones ... on your feet. Buy me!
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