If you can't get enough of movies like 'Mansquito' and 'Sharktopus', then today's news that Syfy and Universal have teamed up to create a series of new theatrical releases should have you giddy.

Deadline brings first word that Syfy Ventures and Universal Studios have joined forces to create Syfy Films – a new imprint that will craft various genre films and then distribute them theatrically under Universal's banner. If things go well, maybe we'll all be standing in line for a 'Sharktopus' ride on our next trip to the Universal theme parks...

The goal of the deal is to "leverage Syfy's genre expertise in science fiction, fantasy, supernatural and horror," which must sound at least a little odd to anyone who's sat through one of their original productions on a lonely Saturday night. If it all goes according to plan, the new Syfy Films will be releasing two "moderately budgeted" features per year starting in 2012.

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