Jeff Bridges has been winning our hearts and minds since he played "infant at train station" in the 1951 flick 'The Company She Keeps.' This month, we have the incredible good fortune of being able to see him on the big screen in two highly anticipated releases: 'TRON: Legacy' and the latest Coen Brothers film, 'True Grit.' To further compound the extra-Bridges goodness, we'll be seeing two versions of him in 'TRON' -- as a modern-day Flynn and as a young Clu, thanks to advances in movie technology.

'True Grit' is particularly exciting since the first time Bridges teamed up with the Coen Brothers, it resulted in one of the greatest movies ever made. That's right -- 'The Big Lebowski.' This time around, Bridges plays a drunken U.S. Marshal named Rooster who helps a 14-year-old girl hunt the man who killed her father. The flick co-stars Josh Brolin as the cowardly killer, Matt Damon as a Texas Ranger named La Boeuf (presumably no relation to Shia) and newcomer Hailee Steinfeld as the girl.

'TRON: Legacy,' of course, is the sequel to the 1982 nerd-fest where Bridges gets sucked into a computer to battle the Master Control Program. In 'Legacy,' Garrett Hedlund plays Flynn's son, Sam, who enters The Grid in a quest to find his missing father. Having two December premieres starring Bridges happily translates into plenty of media appearances by the affable actor, so we can lap up his talk show banter while eagerly waiting for the two movies to open. This weekend, he'll even be hosting 'Saturday Night Live.' Here's hoping the writers slot in another 'Miley' segment -- I'll bet Bridges would do a perfect Billy Ray impression. Or, perhaps he'll join Andy Samberg in romancing some MILFs like a boss on a boat in a digital short.

All this is to say now seems like the perfect time to do a list of totally random reasons why Jeff Bridges is awesome -- especially given that he's strangely absent from the Golden Globe nominations. It was hard narrowing it down to just 10 reasons why Bridges abides, man, which is why this list has 12. Join in the love-fest and leave your own motives for loving him in the comments section below.

  1. 1. His portrayal of The Dude is arguably the coolest character to ever grace the big screen. Ever. C'mon. You know it's true.
  2. 2. He pulls off playing evil bad guys, like Obadiah Stane in 'Iron Man.' (It's quite the feat to make us hate loveable Jeff.)
  3. 3. He keeps his hair long-ish when he's not filming, supporting my fantasy that in real life he's totally Dude-like.
  4. 4. He made nerdy computer programmers seem cool in 'TRON.'
  5. 5. He's been married (to the same lady!) for over 30 years. Awwwwwww.
  6. 6. He more than held his own as captain of the hunk-fest in 'White Squall,' co-starring teen idols Scott Wolf, Jeremy Sisto and Ryan Phillippe. He showed those boys what handsome is.
  7. 7. He scored his first Oscar nomination when he was just 22 years old for 'The Last Picture Show.'
  8. 8. He played a paranoid man convinced that his neighbor is a terrorist in 1999's 'Arlington Road,' a solid two years before suspecting everyone of being a terrorist became de rigueur.
  9. 9. He makes Duracell commercials sound like storytime with a favourite uncle.
  10. 10. He made washed-up musicians who puke in public and stay at roach motels seem sexy in 'Crazy Heart.'
  11. 11. He gave new layers to the archetypal sleazy lounge lizard role in 'The Fabulous Baker Boys,' co-starring his big bro Beau.
  12. 12. Despite all of his success, he still comes off as a completely genuine guy who's somewhat surprised by his good fortune.
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