Haven't you just been waiting, like, forever for a sequel to 'TRON,' a new movie from James L. Brooks and a Yogi Bear feature film? You have, haven't you? Well, then, you're in luck this weekend.


TRON: Legacy'TRON: Legacy' (PG)

Starring:Garrett Hedlund, Jeff Bridges, Beau Garrett, Bruce Boxleitner, Olivia Wilde
Directed by:Joseph Kosinski
Genre(s): Science Fiction - Action
What's It About? In the original 'TRON' (1982), videogame designer Kevin Flynn (Bridges) got trapped in his own game and had to fight his way out. Years later, he gets stuck there again, this time for decades. By the time his grown son, Sam (Hedlund), finds his way into the system, the network has become a police state run by Clu, a program whose avatar looks like the younger Flynn, who keeps the populace docile with gladiatorial games involving illuminated motorcycles and deadly frisbees. Watch Our 'What Is TRON: Legacy' About?' Video
Why Should You See It? Maybe you're a fan of the original, a cult classic that pioneered the use of primitive CGI effects. Even if you're not, the sequel may captivate you with its dazzling visuals (now in 3-D), its rebels-against-the-system plot, or the bizarre spectacle of Bridges acting opposite a computer generated version of his younger self.
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Interview: 'TRON' Creator Steven Lisberger
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'How Do You Know' (PG-13)

Starring:Reese Witherspoon, Owen Wilson, Paul Rudd, Jack Nicholson
Directed by:James L. Brooks
Genre(s): Comedy - Drama - Romance
What's It About? It's a romantic-comedy triangle, involving a past-her-prime Olympic athlete (Witherspoon), the womanizing baseball player she's currently dating (Wilson) and a new suitor, an investment banker in legal trouble (Rudd). Nicholson is along for the ride as Rudd's weaselly financier father.
Why Should You See It? Writer/director Brooks has a pretty good track record when it comes to crafting romantic dramedies ('Broadcast News,''As Good As It Gets'). Witherspoon and Rudd are in full adorableness mode. And a roguish Nicholson is usually reason enough to see a movie.
You Might Like It If You Like: 'As Good As It Gets,' 'Jerry Maguire,''Overnight Delivery' (the rom-com that first paired Witherspoon and Rudd 14 years ago)

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'Yogi Bear' (PG)

Starring:Anna Faris, Dan Aykroyd, Justin Timberlake, Tom Cavanagh, Andrew Daly
Directed by:Eric Brevig
Genre(s): Action - Animation - Comedy - Family
What's It About? The beloved Hanna-Barbera cartoon bears are computer-generated characters in this otherwise live-action 3-D movie. Pic-a-nic basket thief Yogi (voiced by Aykroyd) and sidekick Boo Boo (voiced by Timberlake) must team up with their nemesis, Ranger Smith (Cavanagh) to save Jellystone Park from rapacious developers.
Why Should You See It? Um, because the spectacle of bears in neckties and porkpie hats is always funny? Because director Brevig made the family crowd-pleaser 'Journey to the Center of the Earth'? Because there's apparently nothing that Justin Timberlake can't do?
You Might Like It If You Like:'Garfield,''Scooby-Doo,''Underdog'

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In Limited Release

Rabbit Hole'Rabbit Hole' marks a return to form for Nicole Kidman, who's a likely Oscar nominee for her wrenching performance as a suburban mom searching for a way to get past her grief over the accidental death of her four-year-old son.

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'Casino Jack' stars Kevin Spacey as Jack Abramoff, once Washington's most influential lobbyist, who just finished a four-year sentence for felony counts of conspiracy, wire fraud, mail fraud and tax evasion. This satirical biopic traces his rise to power and his entanglement in a shady scheme that involved mobsters and murder.

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Still in Theaters, Still Awesome

'The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader'-- Reepicheep, the heroic, swashbuckling rat, is played by Simon Pegg. In case you needed another reason to go see this 3-D fantasy spectacle. Showtimes & Tickets | Watch the Trailer
'The Tourist' -- This international caper is one of the funniest comedies of the year, and Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp are two of the funniest stars of the year. At least, that's what the Golden Globe voters told us this week. Showtimes & Tickets | Watch the Trailer
'The Fighter' -- Boxing brothers Mark Wahlberg and Christian Bale throw most of the punches in this Oscar contender, but it's the women who are truly strong: Melissa Leo as their fearsome mom, the boys' seven scary sisters and Amy Adams as Wahlberg's no-nonsense girlfriend, who's unafraid to face-off against her boyfriend's family. Showtimes & Tickets | Watch the Trailer

Staying in This Weekend?

New on DVD This Week: Your kids probably loved 'Despicable Me,' especially the Minions, those little yellow guys who look like walking Twinkies. But grown-ups may enjoy it even more. Much of the wit of this cartoon, about a supervillain (Steve Carell) who finds himself caring for three little girls, is pitched well above youngsters' heads. Buy or rent the DVD | More new DVD releases

Movie Homework: As outlandish as the exploits of Jack Abramoff seem in Kevin Spacey's 'Casino Jack,' you may find they pale compared to the real thing. Oscar-winning filmmaker Alex Gibney's documentary 'Casino Jack and the United States of Money' explains with wit and clarity how the colorful Abramoff became Washington's biggest influence peddler, how he secretly played clients against each other, and how he helped institutionalize a corrupt but legal system of legislative payola that, in his absence, continues to enrich congressmen and CEOs while fleecing taxpayers. Buy or rent the DVD

On Our Netflix Queue: 'Narnia' witch Tilda Swinton has another wintry role as the matriarch of an aristocratic Italian clan who throws the family's lives into chaos when she has an affair with a young chef in 'I Am Love,' which was nominated this week for a Golden Globe for Best Foreign Language Film. Buy or rent the DVD

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