Which movie sex scenes were the steamiest in 2010? The ones that made our top 10 list include a scene where two ballerinas get hot and heavy, another with a red-hot kitchen encounter and one so racy it earned a film a dreaded NC-17 rating.

We've also got the hottest skin-baring moments and what we're sure most fanboys will agree is the sexiest action scene of the year.

And, as a kind of cinematic cold shower, we've rounded up five of the year's least sexy scenes. We're looking at you, Rob Schneider, Tina Fey and Rob Corddry.

(WARNING: Some clips contain explicit content and may be NSFW)

10. The Field Sex Scene ('I Am Love')
This is surely one of the artsiest sex scenes ever filmed: The camera cuts back and forth from intimate close-ups of Tilda Swinton and her young lover getting it on in a field to shots of flowers. The extreme closeness of the camera almost makes their bodies into abstract art, while the intercutting with the beauty of nature around them screams, "It's so natural!"

9. Jacob's Shirtless Again ('The Twilight Saga: Eclipse' )
Taylor Lautner, as good-guy werewolf Jacob, gets shirtless so often in the 'Twilight' series that it's become a joke, even within the film. "Doesn't he own a shirt?" asks a jealous Edward (Robert Pattinson) when Jacob casually shows off his pecs yet again. Hey, who's complaining? If your taste runs towards slightly more mature musculature, 2010 also gave us the incredibly buff bods of Bradley Cooper ('The A-Team') and Ben Affleck ('The Town').

8. Amy Adams Makes the First Move ('The Fighter')
This post-fight kiss wasn't in the original script, but that just makes it more spontaneous and real. As Adams said during the press junket: "[Director] David [O. Russell] didn't really give us much option because I remember it was the first day and there wasn't a kissed planned and he was like, 'Okay, and now you kiss.' And we're like, 'We do?' 'Yeah, you do!' And that was it." (Good thing Mark Wahlberg and Amy Adams have both commented on their "instant chemistry.") "You've seen him. How hard is it to pretend that you're attracted to that?" Adams told reporters.

7. Black Widow Kicks Ass ('Iron Man 2')
Scarlett Johansson just needs to stand there and breathe to be sexy, but when she stepped into her skintight Black Widow suit, she reached a whole new level of hotness. Enjoy the scene where she single-handedly takes out an entire security force without breaking a sweat. I think we're going to have to watch that again.

6. George Clooney's Brothel Sex Scene ('The American')
This one-last-hit-job was more of a European arthouse affair than the typical action-packed American thriller fans had been led to expect, but at least the movie delivered one extremely satisfying scene for even the most jaded of viewers: Clooney hits the sheets with a gorgeous brunette prostitute. Now that's a scenario cinephiles and action junkies can both enjoy. (Check out a snippet of the scene at 1:01 in the trailer.)

5. Amanda Seyfried and Julianne Moore Kiss ('Chloe')
Unhappily married Catherine (Moore) hires beautiful young escort Chloe (Seyfried) to test her husband's faithfulness. Of course, he fails miserably, but soon an emotionally fragile Catherine also succumbs to Chloe's charms. The movie got so-so reviews, but you can't deny the want-to-see factor of two beautiful actresses kissing. Check out the scene for yourself.

4. Jessica Alba's CGI Nude Shower Scene ('Machete')
Jessica Alba, naked! Why was this scene not the center of 'Machete's marketing campaign? Apparently, some argue that a CGI nude scene isn't worth harping about. We argue that it is. Well, at least this one is. As it was, fans who showed up to watch Danny Trejo slice, dice and maim his enemies got an unexpected perk: Sexy Alba, sans clothing, in an all-too-brief shower scene. Watch you don't hurt your neck because of the tilted camera angle.

3. That Scene ('Blue Valentine')
Why should Ryan Gosling giving oral pleasure to Michelle Williams be such a big deal? The same scenario plays out in 'Black Swan,' which garnered an R-rating, and we lost track of how many times Russell Brand does the same for the women in his life in 'Get Him to the Greek.' But, for some reason, the intensity of this indie prompted the MPAA to dispense the dreaded NC-17 rating. After the resulting outcry, the board reversed itself and granted the film a more box-office-friendly R-rating. Gosling's defense of this film and the injustice of the rating only makes us love him more. (WARNING: Clip contains explicit content and is NSFW)

2. The Kitchen Sex Scene ('Love & Other Drugs')
Hats off (as well as shoes, shirts and everything else) to Anne Hathaway, who cheerfully embraces the notion that youve got to strip for your art. Her nude scenes are plentiful in this romantic comedy drama, but it's her heated, half-dressed first encounter with Jake Gyllenhaal in the kitchen that earns them a place on this list. (See a teaser at 1:04 in the trailer.)

1. Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman in ('Black Swan')
In one of the most talked-about scenes of the year, Lily (Mila Kunis) takes Nina (Natalie Portman) out on the town for a night of much-needed relaxation. On the cab ride home, Lily's hand creeps towards Nina's thighs and soon they're both back in Nina's bedroom, where Lily continues her seduction. "Sweet girl," she whispers, before going down on Nina. What makes it kind of creepy (instead of out and out sexy) is that "sweet girl" is what Nina's mom calls her!

Five Unsexiest Scenes of 2010

5. Tina Fey's Mouthguard in 'Date Night'
Nothing says "we're not having sex tonight" to your spouse like wearing sweats to bed ... and putting in your mouthguard. Okay, maybe taking out the guard, along with a huge gob of saliva, is really the ultimate statement on marital unsexiness. Watch Tina Fey turn off screen hubby Steve Carell in the opening of the 'Date Night' trailer.

4. Drew Barrymore and Justin Long Defile the Family Table in 'Going the Distance'
Long-distancers Drew and Justin are so eager to get it on after time apart that they don't even wait to see if they're alone in the room before launching into some very frenzied lovemaking. Things get awkward when they realize Drew's brother-in-law's been there the whole time! And no one will ever look at the dining room table the same way ever again.

3. Rob Schneider's PDA With His Geriatric Wife ('Grown Ups')
"This must be your mother," says Salma Hayek upon meeting Rob Schneider's elderly companion. "It's my wife," he corrects her. "I'm sorry," she stammers. "I'm not," he responds and to prove it, begins macking on the woman who's probably old enough to be his grandmother. It gets worse: These two like to feed each other as foreplay. Let's just say it's one of the unsexiest things we've ever seen in our lives.

2. Jonah Hill is Violated ('Get him to the Greek')
Young music intern Aaron (Jonah Hill) has his hands full trying to make sure out-of-control rock star Aldous Snow (Russell Brand) makes it to a gig at the Greek Theater in Los Angeles. Along the way, he's fed various illegal substances, forced to stash drugs in a very private place and paired up with several very frisky females. Things go a bit too far for Aaron when one overeager hooker ('Bones' regular Carla Gallo) introduces him to a dildo. "Why does this keep happening?" he screams. Because someone thinks it's funny, that's why. (Watch a clip of Brand asking Hill to ... well, just see for yourself.)

1. Rob Corddry Loses a Bet ('Hot Tub Time Machine')
When he and his buddies travel back to the '80s, Rob Corddry is the first to realize they can make a mint off things like betting on sports, because they already know what's going to happen. A surefire bet goes wrong when an errant squirrel intervenes, and Corddry is forced to make good on a wild wager that he'll give pal Craig Robinson a BJ as an unsympathetic mob cheers him on. Warning: Clip is NSFW!
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