James L. Brooks' 'How Do You Know' opens this week, and it may be hard to tell that title from any other movie currently playing, or indeed, to remember it at all. Coming up with a good title is an art in itself, and some filmmakers just don't have the touch. If you think of it, 'How Do You Know' could actually be the title of just about any movie ever made. 'The Godfather'? Yep. 'Jaws'? Certainly. There are any number of boring movie titles, and Brooks in particular is responsible for two more: 'As Good as It Gets,' and 'I'll Do Anything.' Or how about Nancy Myers' 'Something's Gotta Give' and 'It's Complicated'? Then we have the random application of song titles to movies, such as 'Can't Hardly Wait' and 'Just Like Heaven.' I could have spent hours coming up with a list of hundreds, so I thought I would limit my search just to 2010. As it is, I came up with about 25 sleep-inducing examples, and these are the bottom seven.

1. 'Remember Me'
This plea from a heavy Rob Pattinson tearjerker was practically a guarantee that we would not remember it.
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