With the release this week of 'Little Fockers,' the follow-up to 'Meet the Parents' and 'Meet the Fockers,' the franchise's fans are anticipating, among other highlights, more scenes involving profound discomfort on the part of Gaylord "Greg" Focker (Ben Stiller).

Though the hapless Greg has suffered all manner of humilation at the hands of his parents (Barbra Streisand and Dustin Hoffman) and especially his father-in-law (Robert De Niro), he's just one of several unfortunate and/or clueless Stiller characters that have have made us wince -- and laugh -- at their many indignities, deserved and otherwise.

Yes, Stiller is the king of squirm, and here are just some examples of his many awkward movie moments.
White Enjoys a Slice, 'Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story' (2004)
Just as pompous, idiotic gym owner White Goodman (Stiller) is settling down to (um, having his way with) a nice slice of pizza, an employee (Jamal Duff) walks in, disturbing his "private reflection period."

Wince meter: 5

Bat Mitzvah Bust, 'Starsky & Hutch' (2004)
Starsky (Stiller) and Hutch (Owen Wilson) show up undercover at the Bat Mitzvah of drug kingpin Reese Feldman's (Vince Vaughn) daughter. Boastfully lecturing about "what bad men do" in front of the guests, Starsky shoots the lock off the garage door ... and kills the kid's gift pony.

Wince meter: 5

Greg Spikes the Ball, 'Meet the Parents' (2000)
During a high-pressure water-volleyball game involving Greg's fiancée, Pam (Teri Polo), her father (De Niro), and other family and friends, Greg is goaded into playing aggressively. He winds up breaking the nose of Pam's sister, who just happens to be getting married that very weekend.

Wince meter: 6

Greg Says Grace, 'Meet the Parents' (2000)
When Greg sits down to dinner with Pam and her parents, he's asked to say grace. He improvizes a stilted, ridiculous prayer that segues into the lyrics from 'Day by Day' (from the musical 'Godspell'). To make matters worse, he then jokes about a "vase" that turns out to be an urn for Jack's mother's ashes.

Wince meter: 7

Urinal Conversation, 'Along Came Polly' (2004)
Insurance actuary Rueben Feffer (Stiller) is joined by his boss, Stan (Alec Baldwin), in the men's room. Not only does Stan bring up the humiliating details of Rueben's disastrous honeymoon, but he's way too touchy-feely (literally), not to mention unhygienic.

Wince meter: 7

White Makes Unwanted Moves, 'Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story' (2004)
White Goodman tries to impress and woo attorney Kate (Stiller's real-life wife Christine Taylor) but his gross come-ons and unsightly "package" only make her throw up a little in her mouth.

Wince meter: 8

TMI Regarding Greg's Circumcision, 'Meet the Fockers' (2004)
At a dinner including Greg's future in-laws and his own earthy parents, the latter share inappropriately intimate details about his bris, despite his obvious mortification. The kicker: The shriveled object that Dina mistakes for Greg's umbilical cord winds up in the fondue pot.

Wince meter: 8

Greg Spills His Guts, 'Meet The Fockers' (2004)
Still under the influence of Jack's truth serum at a large, festive dinner party, Greg gives a rambling toast involving the hotness of his fiancée's body, his attraction to her mother, and the (surprise!) fruit of his loins.

Wince meter: 9

Ted Gets Himself Caught in His Zipper, 'There's Something About Mary' (1998)
Achingly awkward high schooler Ted Stroehman (Stiller) picks up his dream date Mary (Cameron Diaz) for the prom, but gets stuck (heh) in the bathroom, the victim of a painful, embarassing zipper incident. The reaction of Mary's stepfather (Keith David) is priceless.

Wince meter: 10

There's our list -- do you agree? What are your favorite cringe-worthy Ben Stiller movie moments?
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