Stars say the most interesting things on late night television. Emma Stone, appearing last night on 'The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,' revealed that she may have to keep her blonde look intact "for a couple of years" because "there's a few Spider-men" in her future. As we reported a couple of months ago, Stone has been cast as Gwen Stacy in the 'Spider-Man' reboot that will star Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker, and it's standard practice for stars to be signed up for multiple sequels in franchise projects. At the risk of repeating ourselves, however, Stone is set to play Gwen Stacy, a character who ...


... dies in the original comic book series. It's a great tragedy, affected Peter Parker tremendously because he inadvertently was responsible for her death, affected their mutual friend Mary Jane Watson tremendously (she draws closer to Peter, leading to romance) and affected the entire world of comic books. It's a huge, great story -- will it now be teased out over multiple movies? Will Peter and Mary Jane remain "just friends" in the reboot?
We have no idea. For all we know, Stone has been signed to reprise Gwen Stacy as a cameo in subsequent films, or as a character in flashbacks, or -- heaven forbid! -- to play a clone version of Gwen (clones run amuck in the comics).

And we're also referencing the original comic book series, in which both Peter and Gwen dated other people before beginning their romance. Gwen is popularly remembered as Peter's "one true love," but that's open to debate, in view of Peter's later relationship with Mary Jane. In the 'Ultimate Spider-Man' series, which rebooted the series in an alternate universe, Gwen and Peter never become romantically involved.

Of course, the reboot is under no obligation to stick to the official Marvel continuity and doesn't even need to reference the first three films, directed by Sam Raimi. In those films, Gwen, played by Bryce Dallas Howard, doesn't appear until 'Spider-Man 3,' in which she unintentionally becomes part of a love triangle with Peter and Mary Jane.

So the reboot could head off in any number of directions from its high school starting point. We'll keep an eye on late night television for any further hints of news.

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