The 'Harry Potter' inflatable funhouse picture (where Harry is really loving his "broomstick" ... ) is currently making the rounds, which reminded us of a few other inappropriate ways that the wizard boy and his world have been used. 'Harry Potter' fandom spread rapidly after J.K. Rowling's first book appeared in 1997 (drawing obscenely long lines at bookstores all over the world) and the first film in the popular series only upped the ante.

In the years since, we've been treated to a seemingly never ending stream of fan art, music videos, slash fiction, games, toys and more -- some of it hilariously awful. Join us now as we take a look at our five favorite pieces of inappropriate Potter-inspired stuff.

The Vibrating Nimbus 2000 Broom

Mattel's Nimbus 2000 Broomstick seemed like a good idea. The magical "whooshing" sounds the toy broom made helped little boys and girls pretend they were playing a match of Quidditch, just like Harry. Trouble is, many parents flipped when they realized the broom also vibrated -- and suddenly the easy-riding broom handle didn't seem so innocent anymore. It appears that is no longer selling the toy, but thanks to the Internet some consumer reviews -- which are wink-wink-nudge-nudge-worthy -- are still floating around:

"My 12 year old daughter is a big Harry Potter fan, and loved the part with the Nimbus 2000, so I decided to buy her this toy. I was afraid she would think it was too babyish, but she LOVES this toy. Even my daughter's friends enjoy playing with this fun toy. I was surprised at how long they can just sit in her room and play with this magic broomstick! A great buy for any Harry Potter fan! :) --Ashley, TX"

The Slutty Girls Of Gryffindor

There's a slutty Halloween costume version of pretty much everything you could possibly imagine. While whorey 'Harry Potter' schoolgirls seem to make more sense than trashy 'Sponge Bob,' it's just another example of how kid-friendly fiction can go astray. Many argue that 'Harry Potter's' sexual tension needed an outlet, however, and you get just that in this short, cleavage-happy getup.

Harry Potter and the Brokeback Phoenix

People have been speculating about the sexual orientation of several of 'Harry Potter's' characters for years. J.K. Rowling has expressed that Dumbledore is indeed gay, and has long viewed her books as a "prolonged argument for tolerance," but that doesn't stop fans from poking fun at some of the wizarding world's other characters. This fanvid shows how Professor Snape (hot!) ravages Harry Potter's chamber of secrets.

If 'Harry Potter' Took Place in a Tenement House ...

Merlin's beard! Cockroaches are evil and Harry Potter Cockroach Clusters are pretty revolting. Each one has a gummy underbelly and crunchy candy shell with edible wings. They're pretty big too -- about two inches long -- so they're a little too close to the real thing.

Spoiler Alert!

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