Julie Taymor's successes haven't followed her from 'The Lion King' into her latest production, 'Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark.' The Tony award-winning director who crafted the uber successful musical based on the 1994 movie about a pride of anthropomorphic lions has been recently blasted by critics and audiences alike (read our reaction to one of the show's preview performances). So far, it seems that the Spidey stage adaptation has endured more drama and peril than the comic book character ever has. Now Broadway stars are taking to Twitter and Facebook to show support for 'Spider-Man's' injured cast -- criticizing the disastrous show.

Wire malfunctions, eyebrow-raising unpreparedness and a few serious accidents have left a dark cloud over the superhero story. Actor Christopher Tierny fell 30 feet during the musical's preview on Monday, after a suspension cable broke (video below). He suffered broken ribs and remains in serious condition at Bellvue hospital. During the show's first preview earlier this month, actress Natalie Mendoza was struck by a weighted rope backstage and suffered a concussion. In a separate incident, another actor broke both wrists. It doesn't stop there though -- several other accidents have been reported, and the New York State Department of Labor has opened a second investigation into the production to find out why.
Tony-winning actress Alice Ripley ('Next to Normal') wants answers too -- asking on Twitter, "Does someone have to die? Where is the line for the decision makers, I am curious." She continued, "'Spider-Man' should be ashamed of itself. This is completely unacceptable and embarrassing to working actors everywhere."

Adam Pascal, known for his role in Broadway's 'Rent', was vexed on his Facebook account: "They should put Julie Taymor in jail for assault!" The actor doesn't sound fond of U2's Bono and The Edge either, raging, "I hope [actor Christopher Tierney] is ok and sues the sh*t out of Julie, Bono, Edge and every other as*hole who invested in that steaming pile of actor-crippling sh*t!"

Mark Kudisch of '9 to 5' fame had a more subtle way of expressing his concern on Facebook saying, "I wish employment for all my friends. But I wish them safety and security in their employment even more."

We do too Mark, and after spending $65 million dollars on 'Spider-Man' you'd think Taymor would be able to afford some proper safety equipment for her stars.

[via: THR]
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