This past year was memorable for a lot of things, but there are several movie moments we'd like to forget -- if only we could! Unfortunately, there are far too many unspeakably gross scenes that are forever etched in our minds. Our only choice, of course, is to share our horror with you by rounding up The Most Disgusting Movie Moments of 2010.

There's disgusting bodily fluids, extreme self-mutilations and icky things being done to people in the name of entertainment, but we saved the top of the list (which is really the bottom, in this case) for the most morally repugnant of these offenders. These folks not only crossed a line, they threw up on it. And then filmed it -- in 3D! Oh, what an age we live in.

Keep reading and you will be nauseated, offended and, possibly, as deeply scarred as a 'Saw' survivor. The movie clips are rated R, NC-17 or not rated at all and definitely NSFW.

(WARNING: Some clips contain explicit content and may be NSFW)
10. 'Black Swan' -- Natalie Portman rips skin off her finger
Ballerina Nina Sayers (Portman) has a bad case of nerves after landing the lead in a new production of 'Swan Lake' and starts experiencing scary hallucinations. In one scene, she imagines that her hands are bleeding and she (as you would, of course) takes a loose bit of skin and rips off a long, bloody strip. Her self-mutilation is fortunately all in her mind, but her breakdown is only just beginning.

9. 'Jackass 3D' -- Steve-O's sweatsuit cocktail
The "cocktail" that game Steve-O agrees to drink is (ewww!) made from the sweat generated by Preston Lacy as he walks on a treadmill, swathed in plastic wrap. This scene was so disgusting, not only Steve-O, but the camera man filming it vomited on the spot! While the concept is gag-inducing, the fact that it's all real -- and not just creepy FX like 80 percent of this list -- is what makes it so gross.

8. 'Piranha 3D' -- Jerry O'Connell's penis is a piranha snack
When a pack of hungry piranhas decide to chow down on unlucky Derrick (Jerry O'Connell), they start with his pecker! Owwwww! It's every guy's very worst nightmare. Poor Derrick doesn't have much time to miss such a vital part since he dies soon after. To add insult to fatal injury, his pals then use his body as bait to distract the evil critters.

7. 'Jackass 3D' -- Dave England's feces volcano
Proof that the 3D craze has really gone too far: The first 3D bowel movement. And by "bowel movement" we mean "volcano of diarrhea." It's hardly the first time England's pooped on camera, so he really went all out to top himself this time. Bravo, my friend. Your mother must be so proud of you.

6. 'Antichrist' -- Charlotte Gainsbourg takes a pair of scissors down there
Lars Von Trier's the Danish director who put a dog collar on Nicole Kidman in 'Dogville' and whose best-known movie, 'Breaking the Waves,' follows a young bride who becomes a prostitute and willingly goes to her own death. And that's what we'd consider his "feel-good" movies! In this year's arty offering, a woman cuts off her own clitoris with a pair of scissors. How he continues to get actors -- especially actresses -- to go to these extremes for him is a mystery.

5. '127 Hours' -- James Franco cuts off his own arm
It's not like you don't know this scene is coming up when you buy your ticket: It's based on the true story of adventurer Aron Ralston, who was trapped by a giant boulder during a freak hiking accident and only survived by amputating his own arm, sans anesthesia. It's life-affirming, it's brave, it's great cinema and it's also really, really stomach-churningly intense. If we ever get to meet James Franco, we're going to shake both his hands, just to make sure he's really still got two of them.

4. 'Saw 3D' -- The guy glued to the car seat
If you sign up for a 'Saw' film, you know you're going to get extreme torture and mutilation but you also get messages like, "Don't be a racist!" Because if you are, you just might find yourself glued (naked, of course) to a car seat, like poor Chester Bennington (yes, the lead singer of Linkin Park). The only way to free himself is to -- very, very painfully -- rip the flesh off his backside. That's one (very cruel, very unusual) way to teach tolerance.

3. 'The Human Centipede' -- The head of the centipede has to go to the bathroom
The film for people who considered 'Saw' and 'Hostel' too tasteful -- and it's supposedly just the first in a series. But where can you go after you've watched a deranged surgeon gruesomely stitch humans together (mouth to -- ugh! -- anus) to form a human chain? Does it get any sicker than when the head of the centipede has to go to the bathroom? "I'm sorry," he says as the next "segment" has no choice but to swallow. Not as sorry as we are, buddy. Yecch.

2. 'I Spit on Your Grave' -- The rape scenes
As if the 1977 original exploitation film weren't distasteful enough, here's an even more graphic version, with even more repellent rape scenes. The victim gets brutal, well-deserved revenge on her attackers, as if that makes up for sinking to such depths. Did we mention that the movie is unironically subtitled "Day of the Woman?"

1.'A Serbian Film' -- The entire movie
If ever a film deserved an NC-17 rating, it's this vileforeign import. It's supposedly an allegory on the horrors of modern-day Serbia, but how, exactly, does an out-of-work actor being forced to engage in "newborn porn" equal social commentary? The film is banned in London, and the Serbian authorities are investigating the filmmakers for charges of child endangerment. That's not entertainment.

If you are, however, curious or intrigued by this monstrosity, four minutes of material from the film is available on DVD.
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