This past year was memorable for a lot of things, but there are several movie moments we'd like to forget -- if only we could! Unfortunately, there are far too many unspeakably gross scenes that are forever etched in our minds. Our only choice, of course, is to share our horror with you by rounding up The Most Disgusting Movie Moments of 2010.

There's disgusting bodily fluids, extreme self-mutilations and icky things being done to people in the name of entertainment, but we saved the top of the list (which is really the bottom, in this case) for the most morally repugnant of these offenders. These folks not only crossed a line, they threw up on it. And then filmed it -- in 3D! Oh, what an age we live in.

Keep reading and you will be nauseated, offended and, possibly, as deeply scarred as a 'Saw' survivor. The movie clips are rated R, NC-17 or not rated at all and definitely NSFW.

(WARNING: Some clips contain explicit content and may be NSFW)
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