We don't often get new releases on a Saturday, but Christmas sort of creates its own rules. Here's a quick and handy guide to what's coming out in theaters this weekend, courtesy of the insatiable film junkies here at Cinematical. Happy Holidays!

'True Grit' -- "Ultimately, though, if your biggest gripe about a flick is that you wish it was longer, then that's probably a darn good film. 'True Grit' might not go down as one of the Coen's most "unique" experiments, but it sure might be recalled as one of their coolest." -- Erik Davis (full review)

'Blue Valentine' (pictured) -- "With each flashback, we see a couple falling in love, and a couple falling out of love, creating a dual-sided love story and a tragedy at the same time. But where you know the ending of Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, you have no idea where this is ultimately heading." -- Kevin Kelly (full review)

'Little Fockers' -- The elements that made 'Meet the Parents' a treat -- the surprise, the novelty, the sharp banter -- are long gone. This is a pale, sickly imitation of the original, so derivative and putrid that you'd think it was the fifth sequel, not the second. -- Eric D. Snider (full review)
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