Now that the holidays are finally over, we can all move on to more important things – like breathlessly reporting every casting rumor that comes down the pike for all of the upcoming superhero movies! The latest rumor involves Marvel's adaptation of 'Ant-Man,' a character even hardcore comic geeks don't seem to be that interested in seeing on the big screen. Undaunted, the big M is moving ahead with plans to bring the character to the masses, probably hoping for an 'Iron Man'-esque crossover hit.

For some time now, the actor garnering the most buzz to play scientist Hank Pym was 'Firefly' star Nathan Fillion. Fillion has become like a more mainstream Bruce Campbell – an actor beloved by the rabid cult of fans who follow his every move, but mostly invisible to the film industry at large. As such, it seems like Fillion's been cast aside on 'Ant-Man,' only to be replaced with a fellow 'Firefly' alumnus – Alan Tudyk. has come into possession of an email from the enigmatically named Mr. Orange that states Tudyk has been cast in the role of Pym and will appear in both 'Ant-Man' and Joss Whedon's 'The Avengers.' Who is this Mr. Orange? No one knows – but he claims to be someone closely involved with Edgar Wright and the 'Ant-Man' production. Thing is, Cinematical has spoken to 'Ant-Man' writer-director Edgar Wright, who shot back the following response: "News to me."

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For those wondering how 'Ant-Man' will fit into 'The Avengers,' Mr. Orange breaks that down as well. Tudyk "will briefly appear in 'The Avengers' as the character's scientist counterpart Hank Pym along with wife and fellow super hero Janet Van Dyne (both whose transformation into Ant-Man and Wasp will be shown as the after the credits scene in The Avengers). Both characters will be in the process of creating Ultron (who is set up for the villein [sic] role in the solo film)."

This is yet another in a long line of rumors about the upcoming Marvel movies, but it does make sense on some levels. Setting up the 'Ant-Man' solo film at the end of Whedon's 'The Avengers' sounds like something Marvel would do, for example. Of course, one has to wonder if that will actually work given that most people seeing 'The Avengers' aren't likely to know who Ant-Man is in the first place...

If Tudyk does indeed land the role, it would be an interesting piece of casting. While hardly a household name, he's the kind of talented performer who could take the character and make him into something special. 'Ant-Man' has a lot of things stacked against it in its move to the silver screen, but casting Tudyk could be a great first step in getting people more interested in the character and the project. If Wright and Marvel find a good actress to play Pym's love interest/fellow superhero The Wasp (Eva Longoria was rumored at one point), this project could start to generate some serious buzz (pun fully intended...)

What about Nathan Fillion, though? Is he forever doomed to be championed as perfect for roles like Ant-Man and Nathan Drake but never land the part? Maybe, but Mr. Orange says he could very well turn up in the Marvel universe. 'Ant-Man' would begin filming after 'The Avengers' and feature a cameo from Wonder-Man. Fillion is being considered for that role. Ah, the Hollywood circle of life is a wonderful thing. Fillion can go from playing one obscure superhero to another who even fewer people have heard of.

Okay comic geeks, what do you guys think of this rumor? Does Tudyk fit the role of Ant-Man? Does his potential casting make you more interested in the film than you were before? Will Fillion ever get to headline a movie? Is Edgar Wright just playing coy with us, or is this really all just gibberish?Play Hollywood executive in the comment section below.
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