As we learned last week, Joss Whedon's all-star comic adaptation, 'The Avengers,' will be shooting in New Mexico between April and September, and now a report coming out of that state on the local production-to-be brings news confirming the film's extraterrestrial villains: the shapeshifting Skrulls and the humanoid Kree.

The info, if true, was published in the print edition of Friday's Albuquerque Journal. The guys at Ain't It Cool News have a photo of the paper for proof, and this is what it says: "'The Avengers' script will blend 'Iron Man', 'Thor' and 'Captain America: The First Avenger' story lines as the Avengers battle with two alien races, the Skrulls and the Kree."
Word around the web has fans now speculating that the film will be based around the Kree-Skrull War, during which these two races used Earth as a battleground (see The Playlist for a good recap of the original plot from the comics and how it could tie in to the other movies). People are also wondering if this could mean a guest appearance from Kree hero Captain Mar-Vell (aka Captain Marvel) and pondering how 'Thor' villain Loki will fit in. Tom Hiddleston, who plays the character, is expected to reprise his role.

And what does this mean for that rumor months ago that Alice Eve was supposed to play a villanous part in 'The Avengers' after ditching out of 'X-Men: First Class'? There has been some unconfirmed mention of her being in the 'Doctor Strange' movie instead, which might mean she's out of this film, too. Good news, if you're thinking there are already way too many characters already.

Ah, but there are other casting rumors circulating, including RadarOnline's meaningless claim that Disney starlet Demi Lovato is "up for a role," and someone is again claiming that Alan Tudyk has been cast as Ant-Man and will make a cameo appearance in 'The Avengers' before getting his solo film. The other night, Santa Claus also slipped us a hint that Rudolph is in talks to play Lockjaw.

'The Avengers' is set to release in 3-D on May 4, 2012.
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