Get ready for some heavy interpersonal drama -- it's time for another Don Roos film. A long-time scribe on everything from 'Hart to Hart' to 'Marley and Me,' Roos made his directorial splash in 1998, sending Christina Ricci off to a gay half brother which inspires her to hit on his boyfriend. A few years later he got more mainstream with 'Bounce,' before bouncing right back to crazy alternative fare with 'Happy Endings,' featuring everything from step-sibling lust to gold digging and possibly stolen sperm.

And now it's time for Natalie Portman as 'The Other Woman,' a soon-to-be-released film that might have you confusing it with the recent 'Rabbit Hole,' but thankfully won't be confused with 'No Strings Attached.'
Once titled 'Love and Other Impossible Pursuits,' and based on Ayelet Waldman's novel, the film follows a woman dealing with the loss of her young child to SIDS, being seen as a homewrecker for breaking up a marriage to nab her husband, dealing with the resentment of her stepson (who hurts her by always referencing her lost child) and her own ill feelings towards an adulterous father.

This isn't exactly a new film. It first got cooking with Jennifer Lopez back in 2007, and a year later, she left the production in the lurch, allowing Natalie Portman to pick up the reigns. A year after that, in 2009, it hit TIFF, where Screen Daily noted great performances, but called it a little shallow and clichéd. Now it's finally getting a release, and will premiere On Demand on the first of January, before a limited theatrical release in February.

It's probably not coincidence that the film is now showing up on the heels of 'Rabbit Hole,' another film about parental loss, and as Natalie Portman's star power and recognition rises with her performance in 'Black Swan'; it's the best cinematic climate for the struggling film. Whether or not it will bring the people to the theater, however, is another story. The original title had a very Roos feel to it, and definitely suggests more depth than something simple and stereotypical like 'The Other Woman.'

For now, expect to see a lot more of Portman. 'Woman' kicks off a strong, four-film year for the actress as 'No Strings Attached,' 'Your Highness' and 'Thor' prepare to hit theaters.

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