Yes, before you start berating us in the comments section, we're aware of the fact that, technically, this video was uploaded to YouTube back in May 2010, which sort of makes it ineligible for the Best of 2011 honors. However, since we just discovered it this morning, we're counting it among the trailer mash-ups of 2011, especially since it seems to be going viral now.

Usually we'd stick this sucker in our daily Movie News Quick Hits roundup, but this was just too good to pass up. Plus it deserves extra kudos since its creator, YouTuber ACDPresents, had never crafted a trailer mash-up before, and also an extra high five for finally discovering that 'Fiddler on the Roof' and 'You Got Served' were specifically created so that one day they'd both be able to be featured in a hilariously well-crafted trailer mash-up.

For those who have seen either movie, you probably know what you're about to watch. Picture the audio from the 'You Got Served' trailer mashed up with video from 'Fiddler on the Roof', and wham -- 'You Got Fiddled', or, as our own Eric D. Snider observed via Twitter, 'Jew Got Served'! ACDPresents created the following for an Intermediate Editing Class, and we sincerely hope the teacher gave him or her an A+. Outstanding work, we say. Check it out after the jump.
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