There just aren't very many movies like 'The Housemaid' made these days, and the ones that do see the light of day rarely come out of America. Not only is Sang-soo Im's (director of the great but scarcely available 'The President's Last Bang') film a smart, elegant and gorgeously shot erotic thriller, but it's also an experimental remake. Im's adaptation takes the formula of Ki-young Kim's 1960's film of the same name and completely flips the variables, modernizing the story while making for a fascinating case of how compelling and unique a remake can be while still maintaining the edge of the original.

Thankfully us here in the States don't have to worry about importing a copy of the film. IFC Films will be bringing 'The Housemaid' to US shores on January 21st, starting with theatrical runs in New York and L.A. before expanding outward and ultimately going On Demand on January 26th. A number of us were seduced by the film at last year's Fantastic Fest, so if you're a fan of either Korean cinema or erotic thrillers, we highly recommend keeping those dates in mind.

Check out the official synopsis and full poster, which, unlike most posters, actually has a perfectly appropriate tagline, below.

A favorite at this year's Cannes, Toronto and Fantastic Fest film festivals, THE HOUSEMAID is a stylish and sexy reimagination of the 1960 cult classic, an elaborate psychological game of a film following the plight of an innocent young woman caught in the web of a rich family's secrets.

Eun-yi (Cannes Best Actress winner Jeon Do-youn of SECRET SUNSHINE) is hired as a nanny in an impossibly lavish mansion by businessman Hoon (Lee Jung-jae) and his very pregnant wife, Hae-ra (Seo Woo). When Hoon callously seduces the young maid, she becomes the unwitting victim in a battle of wills between him and the scheming women of the house-Hae-ra, her villainous mother (Park Ji-young), and their seemingly loyal but increasingly bitter housekeeper (Yun Yeo-jong). Intensely erotic and fiendishly entertaining, THE HOUSEMAID builds to an unforgettable climax as Eun-yi tries to maintain her cunning to protect her sanity-and her life-from the ruthless vipers around her.

The Housemaid
Not Yet Rated 2011
Based on 21 critics

A middle-aged housekeeper loses her sanity after being forced to have an abortion. Read More