Julie Taymor's 'Spider-Man' folk might be getting bashed and dropped to and fro, but things are a whole lot comfier on the set of Marc Webb's 'Spider-Man 4' reboot, where we're getting our first glimpse of Andrew Garfield as Peter Parker.

The challenge: 'The Social Network' co-star not only has to look like our beloved webbed wonder, but also like a guy who can pass for a high school kid.

But let's forget that second part. Sure, it seems like he's 90210-izing the superhero, but Tobey Maguire was the same age when he took on the high school gig in 2002, and that turned out pretty well. So all that's left is the look. It's not much, but is that guy to the right a good embodiment of Peter Parker?
The images, courtesy of Just Jared, show Peter and Gwen Stacy (a blonde Emma Stone) smooching while sitting on some bleachers. It's hard to comment on Garfield's look, since Parker is just a kid in regular clothes and this shot shows no spider goodness. However, it's apparent that along with rebooting the superhero to young him up for younger audiences, they're also going for the RPatt, 'Twilight' look with wildly dishevelled hair. (Although to be fair, you could also credit that 'do with David Boreanaz and his tortured vamp on 'Buffy' and 'Angel.' Bedhead's been in for a while.)

If you've seen any of Garfield's previous work ('The Social Network,' 'Never Let Me Go,' 'The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus', 'Boy A'), his talents are clear. But as David Fincher worried last August: "I can't imagine him in spandex. I can't imagine him being comfortable. He's a wonderful actor; he's incredibly skillful and empathetic and a lovely guy. So it's nice to see that."

This peek is sans-spandex, but what do you think so far?
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