Yes, everyone has their movie theater pet peeves, but sometimes you run into that person who goes above and beyond loud popcorn munching or excessive cell phone using. Let's talk about the people who downright ruin the show in the most ridiculous ways possible. The people who are not only distracting, but go to such extreme measures that it requires theater staff attention or maybe even police assistance.

I'll go first. Back in March when 'Ca$h' began its minimal run in theaters, I opted to check it out with my boyfriend. There were just five people in the theater, the two of us, two women and one other man. The two women sat three rows behind us and proceeded to talk the moment the movie began. About half way through, my boyfriend had enough. Little did he know that turning around and gently asking them to stop would turn into a movie time war. These two ladies continued to shout and curse at us and even get up and approach us at one point until a theater employee caught the off-screen action and called the police. These women screamed bloody murder until the men in blue arrived, escorted them out and let the three of us watch the last few minutes of the movie in peace.
The whole situation really blew my mind away. First off, who actually thinks it's okay to be chatting away during a film? Secondly, can we say anger management? These two women instantly got on the defensive after our innocent request. From there it was all out insanity with them threatening us while claiming we threatened them when in fact, no such thing ever happened. You go to the movies to sit down, relax and watch a movie. It's certainly not a hostile environment, but hey, things happen, and you come across those crazy people who'd work wonders on a reality TV show.

So, what about you? What's the craziest thing you've ever seen happen during a movie that wasn't in the actual movie?
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