Before he was a never-nude who painted himself blue, David Cross co-starred with Bob Odenkirk on the '90s sketch-comedy series 'Mr. Show.' Once the series ended, the long-time collaboraters found themselves on the same films now and then, usually bit parts in features like 'Dr. Dolittle 2' and 'Waiting for Guffman,' but they haven't inhabited the same cinematic space in years. However, that big-screen hiatus is about to come to an end.

According to Odenkirk, he wants to jump behind the camera and reunite with Cross for a new indie comedy called 'Annie Jenkins: A Not Very Romantic Comedy,' which will boast the likes of Krysten Ritter, Rainn Wilson, Dennis Farina and of course, David Cross.
Odenkirk told The Wrap that the players have not signed on, but have all agreed to play parts as he searches for the film's male lead. Presumably, it will be a lead who gets to not be romantic with Krysten Ritter. But who knows? Maybe it's Rainn Wilson. If the hunt goes well and financing gets secured, production will kick off later this year.

While this is a cause of celebration for 'Mr. Show' fans, it does mean bad things for Odenkirk's long-gestating adaption of Arthur Nersesian's awesome tragi-comedy, 'The F**k-Up.' He still hopes to make it, but though he managed to option the film and get the likes of Jesse Eisenberg, Juliette Lewis and Michael Shannon interested, his trek for financing failed, Eisenberg and Shannon's careers exploded and he lost the option. (Though The Wrap points out: "the novel's new rights holders could still use his well-received screenplay.')

If a potential indie shooting at the end of the year is too long of a wait, Odenkirk did helm a segment for the upcoming comedy collection 'Movie 43.' Check out one of our all-time favorite 'Mr. Show' sketches below.

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