• Stephen Sommers is reportedly no longer directing an untitled 'G.I. Joe' sequel. Paramount has not issued an official statement, but according to the L.A. Times, other directors have already been approached.

  • 'Life in a Day,' an experimental film from 'State of Play' and 'Touching the Void' director Kevin Macdonald and produced by Scott Free, will stream for free on YouTube concurrent with its world premiere at Sundance on January 27th. [via ComingSoon]

  • The Scripter Awards, which honors the screenwriters of film adaptations and the author's they base their work on, have narrowed 2010's finalists to '127 Hours,''The Ghost Writer,' 'The Social Network,' 'True Grit,' and 'Winter's Bone.'

  • Want to see how 'Tron: Legacy' was made? I hope you've actually seen the movie, then, as the below video is rife with spoilers that span the entire film:

  • Jesse Eisenberg and Aziz Ansari are hardened criminals, as clearly seen in the first image from '30 Minutes or Less':

  • The already loaded cast for Garry Marshall's next ensemble dramedy, 'New Year's Eve,' has gained one more in the form of Sienna Miller.

  • Pajiba's video of "The Other 100 Greatest Movie Insults of All Time" will keep you occupied for exactly 10 minutes and 25 seconds:

  • And the award for the Most Adorable Teaser Trailer of 2011 (so far) goes to ... 'Ice Age 4'

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