January is widely known as the worst month for movies. While you're busy trying to catch up on the best of the best before awards season, the studios unload their crap. This past January we got garbage like 'Leap Year,' 'Crazy on the Outside' and 'The Spy Next Door'; and that's just to name a few.

When you're getting miss after miss, it's easy to overlook the fact that the first month of the year isn't all the bad. No, January isn't anything like November or December when all of the Oscar potentials hit, but there have been quite a few January films in recent years that are viable sources of entertainment and, in some cases, even well made movies.


'City of God'
Apparently being released at the end of the year isn't vital to being nominated for Academy Awards. 'City of God' hit just 5 theaters on January 17th, rose to 106 theaters on March 21st, went back down to just one theater on October 3rd and then back up again to 242 theaters on February 13th. The film was played for a whopping 72 weeks and there's a reason it lasted so long and snagged four Oscar nominations: it's an absolutely fantastic film. The entire story of Li'l Zé, Bené and Rocket's attempt to document their rise to power in the slums of Rio De Janeiro is enthralling, with quite a handful of scenes that will inevitably be engrained in your mind, particularly when Li'l Dice, a young Li'l Zé, shows off his hunger for blood.
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