'The Social Network' added another critics' prize to its growing list of kudos, winning the National Society of Film Critics award for Best Picture and begging the question, what's more popular: Facebook, or the Facebook movie?

In addition to Best Picture, 'The Social Network' also picked up awards for Best Actor (Jesse Eisenberg), Best Director (David Fincher) and Best Screenplay (Aaron Sorkin).

The rest of the awards were a mix of names both familiar, with Geoffrey Rush winning the Best Supporting Actor prize for 'The King's Speech,' and less well known, with Italian actress Giovanna Mezzogiorno being recognized for her lead role in 'Vincere.' Another surprise came with Olivia Williams's beating out Amy Adams, Melissa Leo and Jacki Weaver for Best Actress for her role in Roman Polanski's 'The Ghost Writer.'
As for what this means for the Oscars, 'The Social Network' is riding the momentum, but the strong showings for films like 'The King's Speech' and 'The Ghost Writer' may help them gain traction among Academy voters, as the Hollywood Reporter notes. Certainly the notion of a few surprises might be a welcome one for awards-watchers; as NFSFC voter Richard T. Jameson says in the Reporter, "Votingwise, I think it's been a dull consensus year, with 'The Social Network' the 'Schindler's List' of 2010."

Full List of National Society of Film Critics Winners:

BEST PICTURE - 'The Social Network'

BEST ACTOR - Jesse Eisenberg, 'The Social Network '

BEST ACTRESS - Giovanna Mezzogiorno, 'Vincere '

BEST ACTOR IN A SUPPORTING ROLE - Geoffrey Rush, 'The King's Speech'

BEST ACTRESS IN A SUPPORTING ROLE - Olivia Williams, 'The Ghost Writer '

BEST DIRECTOR - David Fincher, 'The Social Network '


BEST SCREENPLAY - Aaron Sorkin, 'The Social Network '


BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY - 'True Grit' (Roger Deakins)
The Social Network
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