The killer DVD this week is 'The Social Network,' the current favorite of critics and audiences alike for a front-row seat as this year's Oscars -- it's been topping all the lists of the major critics' groups, and its director, David Fincher (no stranger to making films about outcasts, misfits and sociopaths -- see 'Se7en,' 'Alien3,' 'Fight Club,' 'The Curious Case of Benjamin Button'), has been nominated for best director by the DGA. Next up is a film that won't get any awards but, for its own camp reasons, is a heck of a lot more fun to watch: 'Piranha 3D,' about flesh-eating fish that take a vacation from eating each other to feast upon fresh college meat at a Spring Break vacation resort. Hmmm ... that's kinda what Mark Zuckerburg does in 'The Social Network.' Enjoy.

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