If you've been following the ever-increasing rumors revolving around 'Ghostbusters 3,' you know the drill. There's a script written by Lee Eisenberg and Gene Stupnitsky ('Year One,' 'The Office'), and pretty much everyone is eager to jump back into the supernatural world for a bit before handing over the reigns to a new crop of ghostbusters. That is, everyone except Bill Murray.

Most of the rumors and news blips about the film have focused on Murray because the actor isn't so keen on returning to the world. So the project continues to rest in stasis, going nowhere.

Since the story is a passing of the torch, one might assume that it would be possible to do the film without Murray. But in a case of supreme studio loyalty -- and smarts, because let's face it, he's got the most star power of the bunch -- Sony won't give the sequel the green light unless Murray is involved.
A few days ago, during PR rounds for 'No Strings Attached,' Ivan Reitman said that "virtually everything" we think we know about the third film is wrong. A newly edited script was just finished and sent to Murray, and they're waiting to see what he has to say. Now Deadline sources explain that it's all up to the actor. "Without Murray, the studio absolutely will not make the film." With a hefty price tag -- $150 million -- Sony just won't risk it without a firm deal, nor do any "meaningful prep" that could be in vain.

It's nice to see some studio loyalty, even if it is monetarily inspired, after casting drama with Hulk actors, 'Iron Man' replacements and the like. And though Murray's disinterest might keep the project in limbo and make eager fans crazy, it's hard to blame him.

He told GQ last year that the dream for the third installment vaporized when he heard how bad 'Year One' was, and that these same guys -- Stupnitsky and Eisenberg -- were penning the script. He claimed that even fellow ghostbusters saw it and said "it was one of the worst things they had ever seen in their lives." (Worst ever? Maybe not. Really bad? Definitely.) But Ernie Hudson -- you might remember him as Winston Zeddemore -- really boiled it down, explaining that "Bill has been the hold up. His definition of good is a little bit different than everybody else's."

If Murray holds up the project until the script is worthy, should we complain? Out of the actual ghostbusters (excluding supporting star Sigourney Weaver), he's got the most star power and solid career, so his definition of good is rather important.

That being said, he did get involved with 'Garfield: A Tail of Two Kitties' a few years ago... But at least he regrets it.
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